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January, 2021 Last Update

Reviews can be very useful when deciding to buy a paper online but aren’t sure whom to trust. In this Writemypapers review, we will analyze its services, prices, functionality, reliability, and many other aspects.

Writemypapers.org Overview

When you open the Writemypapers website, the first thing that attracts your attention is their price calculator, allowing you to find out your assignment’s price immediately. It is very convenient and appealing. Prices seem to be affordable, especially if you compare them to other writing services. At first glance, the service looks compelling and reliable. But what is behind the nice design and big promises? Let’s proceed and see how things are going with their paper quality. 

Qualifications of Writers

Our team chose to order a simple assignment: a business essay on a bachelor level, 5 pages. The deadline we set was 3 days. Upon completing the order form and providing all the essential instructions, we were informed that they assigned us a suitable degreed writer with experience in this field. However, the next day our writer contacted us and explained that 3 days is a very short term for such an assignment, and he needs at least 4 days to write it. So we agreed, and they promised to refund the difference in price. Well, the first impression was already spoiled. And there was one more thing that alarmed us: the writer sent us messages with errors. He didn’t seem to care about punctuation and proper spelling. All of this looked very unprofessional and irritating.

Quality of Delivered Papers

First of all, our essay was delivered with a 1-day delay, considering that we gave the writer extra time. That was one thing, but when we opened it and started to read, we thought it was a prank of some kind. There were many mistakes (all kinds of them!) and weird sentences that did not make any sense. Some parts were actually okay, but it looked like a different person wrote them. To check if that was true, we used a reliable plagiarism checker, and our suspicions were confirmed: more than 30% of the text was plagiarized. The quality of the delivered essay was very poor, to say the least. 


Their price calculator on the main page is impressive, really. It is convenient that you can immediately see the price of your order. If you go to the tab “”Prices””, you will see a table with the whole range of prices according to the assignment type. You can also select a currency that suits you best: USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, AUD.


At first, Writemypapers prices look affordable. The minimum price per page is &11.99 for an undergraduate paper with a 14-day deadline. The same kind of paper with a 3-hour deadline will cost you $43 for one page. If we are talking about the professional level, the prices start from $19 per page and reach $56 in case of urgent delivery. Well, it doesn’t seem so affordable anymore. 

For editing and proofreading services, the minimum cost is $7.19 per page. If you need admission help and can wait 14 days, the price will be $28. If your order is urgent, be prepared to pay as much as $136 for a single page. 

Payment Options

Writemypapers accepts a few payment options: MasterCard, Visa, JSB card, and Discover. These methods are safe and convenient to use. 

Discount System & Bonuses

The discount system on Writemypapers is rather unusual. You don’t get discount codes or a newcomer discount, like with other services. Instead, they offer a bonus system to anyone who orders something. It works like this: you get a 10% bonus upon completing the payment for your order. After you approve the order, this bonus goes to your store credit balance, and you can pay with it for your future orders. Consider this: if the quality of their work is poor, who is going to purchase more papers from them? This bonus system does not make any sense.


A website’s functionality may attract or push customers away. In the case with Writemypapers, we see that this aspect was taken care of, though there is definitely some room for improvement.

Website’s Design

The website’s design looks professional and discreet. Their price calculator on the home page is very helpful and original. However, if you scroll down, there is too much unnecessary text on the page that no one will probably read.  


It shouldn’t be a problem to find all the necessary Writemypapers info on the website – it is easy to navigate and, in general user-friendly. 

Ordering Process

The ordering process consists of three steps. First, you provide paper instructions. Second, you need to sign in using your email or Facebook account. On this stage, you can also add extra services, such as a plagiarism report, abstract page, advanced writer, and so on. The third step is payment.

Customer Support

They promise round-the-clock customer support, but this is not exactly true. Support agents take too long to reply, and their answers are not very informative or helpful. As you remember, we were promised a refund due to the difference in price (our essay was due in 3 days, but the writer asked to extend the time to 4 days). We asked support agents about this refund, and all they could say was, “your request will be processed within 5 working days”. It has been 7 days, and we still didn’t get anything – no money, no explanations.  

Timely Delivery

In our case, the paper was delivered with delay, even after we agreed to give the writer extra time to finish the essay. So instead of 3, it took them 5 days to deliver the paper. Timely delivery? No, not with Writemypapers.

Extra Features

They offer additional features, such as VIP service, plagiarism report, abstract page, the advanced-level writer, text messages with updates, etc. Of course, you have to pay for these extras. Depending on the service, it will cost you around $5-10.


It is hard to call Writemypapers a reliable service. As we have seen, they deliver poor-quality papers with delays and do not fulfill the promises.


If you search online for the Writemypapers org reviews, you will find many comments that clearly state one thing: this writing service cannot be recommended. It is not totally bad, but Writemypapers needs to work on quality and timely delivery. They should hire more professional and responsible writers and improve their customer support. People complain a lot about not being able to reach their support agents. Another issue is plagiarism. Many students receive papers that aren’t original.


This company guarantees perfect quality and papers free of plagiarism. Well, it looks like it’s just empty words. The paper we received was both poorly written, and 30% of the text was plagiarized. Their money-back guarantee is also a lie, as they did not refund us the difference in price we requested. Is Writemypapers reliable? No, definitely not.


The range of services available on Writemypapers is more or less the same as on any other writing service. They offer writing from scratch, editing or proofreading, help with multiple-choice questions, and problem-solving. You can order essays, dissertations, research papers, reports, PowerPoint presentations, speeches, articles, coursework, and many other types of papers on their website. The company also provides help with admissions and applications, namely cover letter, personal statement, application letter, and admission essay. Extra services include plagiarism report, abstract page, VIP service, text message informing about your order’s updates. You can choose one of the levels for your assignment: undergraduate, bachelor, and professional. For us, it is a little bit unclear what “professional” really means. Apparently, they don’t see a difference between the Masters and Ph.D. levels.


At first, Writemypapers attracts people with its low prices, but as you choose a shorter deadline and change your paper’s level, it doesn’t seem so affordable. These prices would be okay if they delivered quality content and did it punctually. Their writers are simply not professional and disciplined enough. It looks like they hire everyone who types in Google “hire writers website” and contacts them. All they can do is produce an incoherent error-ridden paper with lots of plagiarism in it. The worst thing is that they don’t return the money, even after they promise to. There are too many drawbacks they need to work on, and they don’t deserve anyone’s trust with such a crappy attitude to clients. We consider Writemypapers scam and rip-off. 

Better Turn to More Reliable Service

We understand that students are sometimes too desperate to research writing services and find the best option. Unfortunately, they get fooled and are left in the lurch. If you need quality help, better look somewhere else. Writemypapers is technically legal, but they will take your money and disappoint you. There are more trustworthy companies that offer the same services at a reasonable price. Be careful and avoid frauds that only care about money and nothing else. Such companies are supposed to help people, but sometimes it is the other way around.    

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