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During their studies, many students turned to professional writers for help. The main reason to apply is, of course, too many assignments in different subjects. After all, every teacher is sure that his lesson is the most important and sets a lot of homework. And you conclude that it is better to order student work by professional authors.

Students’ problems when ordering text online are often a scam, and the worst thing is that your data can go outside the site. The first experience of working with companies can be unsuccessful because it is tough to choose a responsible writer. This was the main reason we decided to create a site where experts will analyze the writing companies and select the best one. Experts will save you time looking for the right service and help you get rid of scammers.

Our team will make every effort to find the best service based on your needs. Then we will compare each site in terms of reviews, pricing policy, quality of service, support of managers. Having processed this information, the experts will begin to analyze the security and what guarantees are ready to provide the site employees. We’ve simplified the paper ordering process with reviews, which is why you should read our analyzes.

Our Mission and Goals

Our primary mission is to help the student find a suitable writing service while saving time and effort. All you have to do is indicate what type of work is worth writing, what price you are looking for, desired deadlines, and what level of academic writing the writer should have. Based on your information, we will select the best sites for reviews, warranties, paper quality, delivery times. Our specialists are people working in the field of law and knowledgeable about development issues. Therefore, we guarantee that the sites we select will be legal, easy to use, and, most importantly, safe.

We were in your place, and we perfectly understand how difficult it is to keep up with the task while studying. A large number of student assignments cause nerves and not a desire to learn. We also know that all the teachers’ tasks are challenging and, at the same time, boring — the main reason why students are not allowed to develop creatively. According to statistics, schoolchildren, students of colleges and universities are prone to depression and apathy because of homework. Our goal is to make your studies more comfortable and to help you find quality writing service.

Our Team Experts

Our site employs experts exclusively with experience and suitable qualifications. Let’s take a closer look at our experts:

  1. Stella O. is an expert who graduated from college, then university, and obtained her Ph.D. in philosophy and economics. Therefore, it guarantees us quality analysis and data statistics. Stella worked as a teacher for several years, but then decided to change her profession and became part of our team. For the past five years, she has been collecting information about writing services. Stella has become a valued member of our team, and we are proud to work with her.
  2. Pitter M. was a student of business legal regulation at the University of Texas. His task is to study the rights and legality of the company. If, when analyzing the site, Pitter notices errors, he sends us a refusal. At the same moment, we stop studying the service because one of our main selection parameters is legality. In law, Pitter has six years of experience and holds a master’s degree.
  3. Jake K. is our team member who collects paper ordering information. He studied business administration and obtained a master’s degree. He has collaborated with many large companies and held the position of Administrator of Finance. He gives us an analysis of whether it is easy to order paper or the process is complicated.

Cooperating With Us, You Get High-Quality Analysis

We do not stand still and are constantly developing thanks to the comments of our users. To do this, site managers actively interact with the public and ask for feedback to grow. We do not hide the fact that our primary income is providing consulting services to students on the choice of a written website. In turn, we give all our best and find an individual approach to each of you, thereby solving complex issues and problems together.

What Are The Main Criteria That We Use For Resource Checks?

As a professional service, we try to evaluate each and every platform according to specific standards. After making lots of tests and investigation, we came to the conclusion that the below discussed criteria are the most important while evaluating specifically essays writing websites.

  • Writers’ professionalism is the top priority that influences everything. Great service should not only have well-educated authors but also experience once. They should cope with the tasks even under pressure to complete the assignment on time. Moreover, a specific expert should be responsible for the task which he/she is major in. It is inappropriate when a writer with no biological education is responsible for the completion of medical research.
  • Quality of both service and paperwork. Of course, paper quality is more important than anything else. However, it is hard to imagine a reliable site with great writing service but poor general service. These things are united in one entire conception of the platform’s proper evaluation.       
  • Functionality. We are paying attention to lots of things when checking this criterion. First of all, we review the ordering process, the functionality of the support service, the design of the resource, usability, and some additional features. All these criteria are specified as one thing in our rate, but there is so much work done while checking each thing separately.
  • Reliability. Here we try to check the resource’s reputation, review comments, users’ feedback, and lots of more. Also, we attentively read all the guarantees which are given by a specific site and try to check all of them.

Our Rating System

Once you’ve understood what criteria we are paying attention to, let’s proceed to the numbers with the help of which are evaluated every mentioned criterion. As it is already clear, each essay writing site or a similar resource is checked according to reliability, functionality, quality, and professionalism. Each of the mentioned parameters can get a maximum of 100 points. It is understandable that hardly every site can be evaluated with 100 points. Usually, it is 80-90 on average.

When each criterion is evaluated, we are using a specific formula. There is nothing difficult, just add 4 numbers and divided by 4. For instance, the professionalism of a particular service gets 86, quality – 94, functionality – 74, reliability – 89. Then calculation looks like this:

86 + 94 + 70 + 89 = 339

339 ⁄ 4 = 84.75

Now let’s review our rating system:


According to this rating system, our hypothetical writing service has a good rating. Hope this makes clear how we evaluate such resources.

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