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January, 2021 Last Update

We understand how difficult it is for a student to cope with the choice of reliable service for performing student work. So that you do not trust scammers, we have compiled an Ultius review. From the article, you can find out about the site’s price policy about the paper’s quality and whether it is worth trusting the service employees at all.

Honest Review Of

What is Ultius? It is a very famous site among students that provides essay writing services. If you look at this very expensive site’s pricing policy, they explain it because they work exclusively with American writers. They have set themselves up as a reliable site and have written many advantages that raise suspicions.

On the site, we found many reviews that people from different countries wrote about, and besides, they are all positive. How can this be? For some reason, we do not believe them. Thanks to the fact that our expert came across one article, all the doubts were only confirmed. A video was presented on the site where one person with a closed face talked about being hired by to write a review on working well with the company. They interacted through Thus, the first acquaintance with their website is only negative. After all, the Ultius scam was why so many students received poor quality papers when everything seemed to be in order.

How Professional Writers Work Ultius

When a student wants to get quality help from a writer, he needs a company that is ready to provide an author who understands an academic writing style. Also, the important point is that the person is a native speaker and completes the task without grammatical errors with the article’s correct filling.

But the company thinks differently. According to their site, they work exclusively with the indigenous people of the United States. The latter are professional and have the scientific degree of Master or Doctor, although this is far from the case, and they, like many, work with Russian-speaking writers. The profits these people receive are minimal. A lot of money you pay for their work remains in the pockets of managers.

On one page of the social network, a client who used their services indicated that when he received the order, he found many mistakes that an English writer would never have made. We checked whether this is so. And to our disappointment, we also received a low-quality document. All the attempts to contact the support team led to the fact that we had to pay an additional amount for the corrected text. And besides, we were not even sure that it would not be a student who would rewrite it, but a writer with the necessary education.

For an article to be rewritten by a writer who has a diploma and a Doctor of Science degree, they offer to pay an additional 20% amount. In comparison, they offer to hire an ordinary writer for 15%. We experimented further and paid the indicated amount. As a result, the articles contained continuous plagiarism and the same grammatical errors. The verdict is one, and the writers do not have professional qualities.

Document Quality

The prices that the site has set are too high for the average student. But when a student, nevertheless, turns to their desires, he hopes to get quality paper. However, judging from our experience, the high price does not mean the quality. We could get two articles on another site for the same price, and the price does not justify their services.

We noticed that the company buys ready-made, high-quality articles on other sites and displays them as a sample. Their strategy is rather obscure. After seeing the example, the student immediately understands that his work will be no worse, thereby rushing to order. We have been waiting a very long time for the work. We received it a few minutes before the agreed deadline. There was a big surprise because not only were there a lot of mistakes, the uniqueness was only 50%, instead of the general 100%. And the grammar check and all the paper did not pass because it was full of mistakes. After some attempts to influence the situation, we were only offered to pay even more money.

Also, the topic that we asked to be covered did not correspond to the article’s content. And the number of words and pages mentioned was much less. We can only draw one conclusion: you get low-quality paper and spend a lot of money. Pricing Policy

All prices for student work you can see directly on the website. To place an order, you need to mingle with the site managers, and fortunately, there are no problems with this because there are many ways to contact them.

The prices are very high. Yes, the waste can be covered with small discounts, but more on that later. The reviews that customers leave that the prices do not correspond to the quality are genuine.

The document’s lowest price per page starts at $ 17.90, while other companies provide their services starting at $ 4. The work is completed within a maximum of 20 days. But we all know how urgently we need to complete the task because their flow in the educational institution is too large. Therefore, the price rises if you need an order very quickly.

For example, if a student needs to place an order in just a few hours, its price per page can be $ 54. How much then do you have to pay for a few pages? It is not difficult to calculate. The amount is very large. Unconditionally, you will be provided with a document in a few hours, but whether you are ready to pay such an amount when other sites offer much lower prices and better quality.

Payment Methods

The site has made sure that it is convenient for the student to pay for the assignment, regardless of where he is. They offer various options: Internet payment through PayPal, Discover, and MasterCard, Visa credit cards.

There is one inconvenient issue with payment. The site support does not help if you cannot pay for orders with some currencies.

Discounts And Great Deals

If you want to make sure whether the Ultius discount code is so profitable, just read a few reviews about it. First, they provide the most massive discounts for newbies, thereby luring them and stealing as much money as possible. And here, we want to expose them, and if you want to order an essay, then it is simply impossible to use the bonus. This means that the benefits of these discounts are zero. Then we found out where they can be applied and never received a response from the support service. Therefore, we will conclude that their bonuses are just a trap, and you shouldn’t spend a minute registering your data that could fall into the hands of scammers.

How Functional Is The Site

When doing site reviews, we want to note that his reputation changes depending on the service he represents. Ultius looks like a trap trying to lure as many students as possible. We may say that the site is easy to navigate, so it was not difficult to conduct the research.

The first thing that catches your eye is unnecessary details that distract attention and make the reading process difficult. But their advantage is that they are open to communication on different social networks, which is very convenient. They placed a button with the word “order” at the top so that the student would not read tedious articles about their company and would immediately see what he came for.

The external is simple enough, but too many services are scattered out of order, making it challenging to find the right paper. In cases where you have found what you need, then there is practically no information about how they will write the text and what the article is made of, just a general description. Therefore, we had to spend a lot of time looking for the right document, instead of immediately seeing how they work.

Ordering Process

The site provides a flurry of steps to place an order. Of course, your first step is to click on such a button as “order,” and a small questionnaire will appear, where you need to provide detailed information about the form of the paper. You must fill out all the questions about the assignment, such as how many pages and when the due date is, because you will not have the opportunity to go to the next step. If you are a new client, then you need to register and provide your personal data.

But one fact outraged us the most. Comments on the order and an approximate structure of the work can only be requested if your project is over twenty pages. Then, the control function is if the student is not even entitled to comment if something does not fit. And the ordering process itself takes over ten minutes, which is not very beneficial for those students who are limited in time.

How Support Works

Depending on how the support service treats you, you can judge how professionally they will help you. We can tell from our experience that the support team for this site is non-professional. Unfortunately, they did not have time to answer some questions and somehow solve the problem. Therefore, we concluded that very slow feedback leads to the fact that if you need to place an order urgently, then most likely, this is impossible. It would help if you waited at least a day to get an answer, no matter where you write to chat or email.

It is disappointing that having so many communication methods, such as chat, phone, mail, takes so long to answer one request. We can conclude that the site has too little team. After a long time, they responded to the questions, but the answer was not accurate.

We got the impression that we communicate with a robot and not with a person. Managers are not interested in what they are doing, which can be seen in how reluctantly the support service responds. We advise you to contact more professional people because here you will not be taken care of.

Guarantees from Ultius

When we use sites where a service is provided for a fee, we desire to guarantee. Yes, this is not worth waiting for on free sites, but online services that write articles for money are obliged to do this. Therefore, the first question that we asked the site manager is, what are your guarantees?

In the Ultius chat, they did not give precise guarantees and didn’t even promise that the work would be of high quality, only vague answers. Nobody will return your money to you just because you do not like how you collaborated with the writer. Even if you are a regular customer, no one guarantees that this privilege will come easily to you. Yes, you can write to the support service very persistently, but they constantly direct you to the site rules and cannot solve this problem. Therefore, the conclusion is that you are not insured against force majeure, and the leaders will not help in any way to find a way out of the situation because the money comes first.

Services from Ultius

The service is popular for the reason that it provides many services:

  1. Resume
  2. Cover letter
  3. Admission essay
  4. Essays on various sciences
  5. Personal statement

Service Conclusion

Is Ultius legitimate? We can say that they complete tasks very poorly and deserve only a 13/100 rating. Quality should always come first and only think about earning money because they position themselves as the best service. We cannot recommend the site to you for many reasons that were described above. We advise you not to waste time, money, and energy on cooperation with this service.

Trust The Best Services

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