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May, 2021 Last Update

There is no doubt that the school is focused on mastering a certain amount of knowledge by students, gaining skills of systematic work. However, a typical curriculum, general average assessment requirements, a significant number of students in the classroom, and perhaps even a teacher’s qualifications make it difficult to organize individual, independent exploration work. 

Having encountered a huge amount of work while studying at a higher education institution, a student may feel simply helpless in this situation. The teacher is focused on the fact that the school base is sufficient for learning new material and is sure that students at least understand it. After listening to a lecture, the student tries to do independent work, which often causes difficulties. Not every student seeks help from a teacher. And in order to keep up with the pace of learning proposed by the teacher, students decide to seek quality support from online professionals.

This solution is quite justified, as it allows you to solve any educational problems quickly and efficiently. But is it always possible to find a reliable online platform? Of course, not. There are many sites on the network that deceive students and, in fact, do not help them complete assignments. In this article, it seems appropriate to provide the studybay review. Below, you will surely find data about how do you bid on StudyBay.

General Characteristics of Online Platform

Studybay online writers are involved in writing papers for students. These are essays, term papers, research works, etc. For several years of its activity, the site has not received the trust of customers, which is due to the low quality of the work performed, the violation of the deadlines for the delivery of papers, a high level of plagiarism, and non-compliance with the requirements for fulfilling orders.

Professionalism of Writers Working in the Service

As a rule, companies that provide services to students are very responsible for the selection of professional writers. They only hire people who have specialized education, have a meticulous attitude to work, and have been trained for several weeks. Only such an approach to the selection of specialists allows assembling a truly reliable and conscientious team of professionals.

But does not use this strategy. To get a job in the company, you just need to leave an application and write that you have a desire to work as an author. The service does not check the certificates of authors, does not conduct training, does not control the work of the team. In this regard, the writers working in this online company can hardly be called specialists in the field of performing papers to order.

What is the Quality of the Completed Assignments?

The quality of the executed papers is not high. And everything is connected with the fact that service writers mostly work only for their own benefit. Received money – sent some kind of paper, and this is the end of the cooperation process. It is unlikely that on this site, you will receive free improvements during the warranty period. The authors constantly find some excuses, which confirms the low level of their professionalism in general.

The cooperation with trustworthy companies takes place in another way. Professional writers always provide clients with only high-quality work that meets all the established requirements, have a high level of uniqueness, and do not contain errors of various types (grammatical, lexical, spelling, grammatical, punctuation, etc.).

Therefore, be careful when contacting the platform for help. Studybay cheating is possible.

How Is the Price Formed and the Payment Made?

The issue of price is the most important issue that customers are interested in. Modern students have a lot of waste of money and, therefore, often cannot afford to use services that are expensive. Companies that offer low prices tend to attract customer’s attention and, over time, gain a large audience. But some overcharge prices, but at the same time ensure the highest quality of the executed papers. What does offer?


As practice shows, prices for orders on the website are too high. The company’s pricing policy is not flexible. Overpricing would be understandable if the platform provided the maximum quality of all tasks performed to order, but this is not the case. So, why are the prices high? There is no answer to this question.

Payment Options

Trustworthy platforms try to offer their customers a wide range of possible payment methods. This creates the convenience of transferring money for the work of writers.

But there are only a few payment options available on the platform, which creates limitations for a number of customers.

Discounts & Special Offers

Some services regularly hold promotions, as well as make special offers to customers in order to provide them with the most suitable prices. For example, a promotion can be received at the first registration of an application on the site, when ordering several papers at the same time, when placing an order during the New Year holidays, etc. can only provide a small discount during the New Year and Christmas holidays. There are no special offers for students.

Main Characteristics of the Site

This section provides the main functional characteristics of the studybay scam website.

Website’s Design

The site design is very simple and, at the same time, not informative. There is no important information that could be studied in order to understand in more detail how the service works and what benefits it is ready to provide to students.


The website is easy to use but not very convenient. It takes time to find the order form.

Ordering Process

The ordering process includes several stages. First of all, it is important to fill in the application, then – contact the manager to get details and clarify important information. Often, the manager’s response regarding the authors’ willingness to complete the task comes after a few days. 

Customer Support

Customer support is available, but it doesn’t actually work. The manager is often absent and responds selectively to customer questions.

Timely Delivery

The delivery of papers is another major issue for the platform. Deadlines are rarely met here; work is usually sent after deadlines. It is rare for a client to receive the paper on time.

Extra Features does not provide students with any special benefits. It is impossible to conclude an agreement here that would spell out the rights and obligations of the two parties. Therefore, safe cooperation is out of the question.

Reliability of the Essay Writing 

The issue of reliability should be considered separately, as it creates the basis for the successful cooperation of students with online essay writing services. And the main questions that need to be addressed here – “Is studybay legit?” and “Is studybay real?”. Most likely, no. Registered companies represent information on the legality of the services provided on the home page of the site. But such data cannot be found on


Considering all of the above, it is necessary to conclude that today the online company has a bad reputation in the market. Many customers write about this in studybay reviews that anyone can study at any time they need. Students are dissatisfied with neither the quality of the services provided, nor the pricing policy, nor the benefits provided.


The platform does not provide special guarantees to students. Writers do not guarantee that they will meet all the requirements, arrange the paper in accordance with the international citation style, ensure a high level of uniqueness, check the text after writing, submit the work on time, etc.

On the contrary, reliable platforms try to provide students with the widest possible list of guarantees, in particular:

  • Affordable prices;
  • High-quality of finished papers;
  • Compliance with established requirements;
  • Following the established outline;
  • The absence of errors;
  • No plagiarism;
  • Correct citation of borrowed text fragments;
  • Timely submission;
  • Free edits;
  • 24/7 support, etc.

Against this background, it becomes obvious that it is not profitable to cooperate with studybay reddit online company. While choosing it over many other sites, you can be at serious risk.

Types of Services

On, you can order an essay, term paper, report, exercises, presentation, research 

paper, etc. That is, these writers are ready to do only the most standard types of papers. But if you have any non-standard tasks, then you’d better look for another site right away since you will not get help on

The list of disciplines is also not wide. Assistance is provided in the most common disciplines such as geography, biology, literature, economics, mathematics, etc.

As you can see, is not the place where you can get quality services in writing different types of papers and in various scientific disciplines.

General Conclusion

Based on the foregoing, it seems appropriate to draw a conclusion about the low quality of services provided by the online platform. This site is neither reliable nor secure as it does not provide any special guarantees for students. Here your studybay login and other confidential data can be disclosed and transferred to third parties. Here, the deadlines can be violated. Here, the task requirements can hardly be met. The overall score of the platform can be estimated at 51 out of 100. Therefore, think carefully before registering for StudyBay.

Which Platform Deserves Trust?

Be sure that there are many companies like on the network, and when using the services of such sites, you can be deceived. To avoid this and get really high-quality and safe services, you should choose one of the reliable platforms from the list provided on this website. Get the support of professional writers and receive high college scores! Reliability, safety, confidentiality, affordable prices, high-quality services, compliance with requirements – this is what you will get from the cooperation.

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