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January, 2021 Last Update

Students deal with a lot of written assignments. Sometimes there are so many of them that organizing your schedule becomes an overwhelming task. This is why various writing companies, such as PapersOwl are very popular these days. They promise academic help that will save you time and boost your progress.

However, if you dig deeper, you will find that not all customers are equally happy with this company. Some students feel that their services are overpriced. Others are willing to pay even though the paper quality is not the highest. We want to make your customer experience truly positive. That’s why we did our own research and produced an independent Papersowl review. Read to find out the whole truth! Overview

One can get a good first impression of this company if one has never dealt with writing services before. But if you’ve ever visited EduBirdie, one of the most popular websites in the industry, you can’t help but notice the similarities. 

It looks like PapersOwl is just a clone of EduBirdie as they have the same web design and set of services. Both companies also use an owl as their mascot. We found out that both services are run by Boosta. This company also operates other essay websites such as EssayVikings, Edusson, EduZaurus, etc. To be honest, we don’t understand why they can’t just create one website in that niche and grow it. This is why our first impression is not positive. You may immediately feel some kind of catch, the desire to build a business instead of helping students.

Writer’s Team Level

There is no doubt that first impressions can be deceiving. While working on this review, we made a couple of orders for PapersOwl to understand what services they offer and whether they meet the stated quality standards. 

The first thing we noticed is the qualifications of the authors. A writer is a person who is in charge of your task, so one should be well-educated, professional, and seasoned. Of course, PapersOwl understands it. They offer you a list with various authors who have hundreds of successfully completed orders. Their rate is 99%, and it is a bit suspicious because it is hard to satisfy 713 users out of 720.

We did not have to wait long to receive confirmation of this suspicion. We ordered several essays and were frankly disappointed to receive them. They were most likely written by first-year students who need a part-time job—no hint of professional expertise, Master’s or Doctorate degrees, and high academic standards. We also have doubts about whether these authors are English natives. Some mistakes were typical for people who study English as their second language. 

Assignments: Expectations And Reality

You may say that the author’s education, English command, and other factors are not so important if one provides you with a decent paper. However, we have nothing to please you. 

We have received 2 papers, and both of them were of poor quality. 

We’re not picky, but here are the details we paid attention to:

  • Various mistakes. Incorrect word order, grammatical errors, typos, use of terms in the wrong context.
  • Overused ideas. It is noticeable that the authors do not have in-depth knowledge of the subject, and simply use information from various sources to compose the paper.
  • Tossy words. Some sentences were just useless, and essays wouldn’t lose too much without them.
  • Lack of consistency. There is no script for an essay, the basis on which the main arguments are based.

It is important to say that our documents did not contain any plagiarism. But this only says that the authors are good rewriters or used software for paraphrasing. They definitely haven’t written the papers from scratch, and it is easy to notice. So, is papersowl legit then?

Pricing Policy

Price is an aspect that often becomes a decisive factor when choosing a writing company. Many students do not want to get an A grade; they just want to deliver the paper on time to avoid the professor’s problems. They are willing to pay, but only if this service is affordable.

So, there are two cases: when the paper is really good, and its price is justified, and when the paper is just unique, but cheap. We’ve already understood that Papersowl is not about the quality. Maybe they are cheap? Let’s see. 


It is not so easy to find Papersowl prices. Actually, they just don’t have the appropriate page. And you need to go through the overall order process and provide all your requirements to view the authors who are ready to complete your task and their biddings.

We’ve placed a 1-page marketing essay that should be ready in 14 days. Three authors were ready to help, just for $20.8. Honestly, it is pretty expensive for the 275-words custom essay. And there were no additional requirements, e.g., sources or formatting style. The same paper with a deadline just in one-day costs from $27.5. It is interesting because urgent services are much more expensive than regular ones usually. 

Once we proceeded to the next page, we received a list of additional services, such as progressive delivery for $8.99 or essay outline for $12.00 and a 1-page abstract for $27.5. Pretty expensive for most students. Honestly, we can’t imagine someone who is ready to pay this sum for the written assignment. 

Payment Options

PapersOwl lets you pay with the credit card. No PayPal or similar services. Not so convenient for students who don’t have Visa or MasterCard or don’t want to use them.

Discounts & Special Offers

When you’re about to confirm the order and pay for it, there is a discount code field. But we haven’t found a page with special offers and don’t understand where we can receive this code and who exactly can use this opportunity.


Website’s Design

Their web design is pretty, but nothing special. They use a nice blue color as well as a cute owl as their talisman. The fonts are readable, and you can easily find the Place Order button.


On the one hand, their website is really user-friendly because we didn’t encounter errors or long page load times.

But on the other hand, they seem to have forgotten about important information. For example, we could not find the pricing page. Yes, they use a bidding system, but they could explain to the students what it is and how it works.

We also did not find the guarantees page to see if we can get our money back and rely on our privacy. It is worth noting that you cannot fill out the order form and find out the cost anonymously; they require you to register and provide contact information.

Ordering Process

Once you have filled the form with all your instructions, you proceed to the next page where you can see the authors’ biddings and choose the offer you like. Accept it and go to payment. If you’re not sure or have some additional questions, there is an opportunity to chat with a writer. It is pretty interesting because once we have opened several chats, there were messages from authors calling to assign them. They didn’t sound natural, so maybe they use some bot system or so. You can’t be sure that you’re speaking with a real person. 

Customer Support

As works with students from all over the world, they need 24\7 customer support to interact with all requests. They are really available, but you can’t be sure there are real people on the other side again. However, they didn’t respond instantly.

The bad news is that the customer support service is interested in you during the ordering procedure. Once you want to let them know you’re unhappy with the paper, they can’t provide you with the help you need. They tell you the other manager will solve this issue, and this process is simply endless. Not friendly. 

Following deadlines

Meeting deadlines is one of the most important features for most students. Your professor can accept the low-quality paper, but one won’t wait until you deliver it. If you have a strict deadline, you should follow it without exceptions.

That’s why we were very disappointed when PapersOwl didn’t send both of our assignments on time. The delay wasn’t so long, but we have mentioned the concrete time. 

Of course, there are different situations, and we should understand them. Authors may feel sick, have personal issues, and so on. But you can’t tell your professor that delay isn’t your fault. That’s why, regardless of the company you choose, you should have more days to feel safer. 

Additional Features

The thing we really liked about this company was their writing tools. They have a free Papersowl plagiarism checker, citations, thesis, conclusions generator. You can also create a title page for your paper for free.

Of course, these tools can’t replace the writer, and you should proofread the pieces attentively. But they definitely can save you a lot of time. You can also find a blog with different articles on popular students’ topics. However, their last update was in June.


Ordering a paper online, you should trust the company you’ve chosen. You can’t see your author and understand whether he or she has enough experience to provide you with the services you need. That’s why the company should take care of all customers and ensure you in their reliability.

PapersOwl won’t provide you with this feeling. They’re building a business, not a community. It is easy to understand reading testimonials about this company.

Online Reputation

Choosing the author, you can read reviews from one’s customers. Some experts even have more than 1000 reviews, can you imagine? Of course, all of them are positive, we’ve found a very few negative comments, and some of them were obviously rated by mistake.

But if you visit some independent review platforms, the situation is different. Type in Google something like papersowl Reddit, and you’ll see people writing “They deserve a zero rating.”, “Papersowl team is terrible!”, “It is a scam,” and so on. Always read different websites where the company can’t delete bad reviews.


PapersOwl doesn’t have a separate page with guarantees, but you can find them on the main page. They promise you complete privacy, professional writers, plagiarism-free papers, and on-time delivery. We don’t know about confidentiality and plagiarism, but not all of their authors are qualified and punctual. So, we have doubts about other guarantees as well. On the other hand, they cannot be bad at everything. Otherwise, why do some students still place their orders here?

List of Services

PapersOwl works with all common student assignments. They will provide you with:

  • essay;
  • research paper;
  • case study;
  • dissertation;
  • thesis;
  • admission essay;
  • capstone project;
  • coursework;
  • lab report;
  • literature review;
  • speech.

You can also order editing services. 


We tried to be objective in order to provide you with an honest PapersOwl review. There are a lot of scammers these days online, and sometimes the bright, attractive website is just a picture without anything behind it.

The main thing you should understand is that you can’t rely on this company even if you can’t call the Papersowl scam. They may provide some customers with good papers because, in any case, their business would fail. However, it is not the pattern. And you can become that student who gets a poor paper with a delay. As you can see, other customers say they can’t even get their money back.

Wrapping up, we can say that our score is 31 out of 100. They have some nice features, but they are not enough to recommend this service. 

Trust Your Tasks to Best Essay Company

So, we can assure you that is definitely not the best choice to go. It can’t provide you with quality or at least cheap writing services. Maybe Boosta can afford to run several companies with such offers. There are a lot of gullible students who like their web design and believe promises without understanding Papersowl real or fake.

However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust such writing services at all. Many companies really care. And we know them. Explore our list of trustworthy options to choose the best one according to your requirements. We are always here to provide you with an honest review and reliable support!

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