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May, 2021 Last Update

Gradesfixer is a modern writing service that brings two types of services for students. First, you can find collections of already written essays on the website. Second, you can order your paper to be written by an expert writer. In fact, the available essays mostly contain short research on the topic. Besides, you cannot assure the free of plagiarism content to be accessible. Well, you can have some doubts even if you use the writing service itself.

First look for 

The company brings a complex and unclear bidding system. It is used when you decide what writer to choose. You can place your order and wait for bids from authors. Still, you cannot be sure to get quality assistance in the end. Mostly, the prices for orders are higher than average. And the company only completes essays. They do not provide you with complex assignments, like thesis, research paper, or dissertation. The search for the relevant topics is also complicated. You can get lots of recommendations that do not match your initial topic.

Writers Competence

The service brings a few names in the writer’s profile section on the website. Surely, they are mentioned to have almost 100% satisfaction rate from customers. Besides, the gradesfixer reviews column under every writer’s name is inactive. Thus, you cannot check the real reviews of clients. It looks like a scam, in fact. The website reveals some cosmic numbers of essays completed by writers. Still, since you cannot check any review yourself, you should be concerned about that. Every client needs a dedicated and highly-qualified writer. This service offers a complex bidding system. Once you have an order placed, the writers bid for your task. Here, a lot depends on the final price for an order. Every client must be very careful. Even if you look for a cheap offer, remember that cheap never equals good quality.

Assignments Quality

It is difficult to find out how many assignments the writers have already accomplished. Simply, with lots of absent links to the completed tasks or writer’s reviews, you may wonder is gradesfixer legit. You can find many essay previews on the website. The written papers are mostly consisting of a few pages. You will never get a complex essay placed on the website. Besides, the quality of the provided works is lower than necessary. Sure, the company can point at the need to place an original paper on their web platform. Definitely, the provided collection of essays and their content cannot be used in your paper. Once using already published papers, you risk failing your plagiarism checking test. You may choose to order original papers at the website. Still, even in such a case, you can face numerous problems.

Pricing Policy

The bidding system offered by the service is quite unclear and most complicated for users. Surely, you can wait for bids to be offered by writers. Still, the negotiation process always becomes troublesome as well. In the end, you simply need a good quality paper. The advanced online services assign their writers to start the writing process once the order is placed. It saves the time required for the paper’s timely accomplishment. Besides, you can get lost among the bidding rules. Some writers can offer lower prices, but you never know what papers’ quality you will get eventually. Moreover, you can also get no bids for your order. Especially when you need to discover a complicated topic or to do it very fast. It becomes even more difficult when you cannot arrange a proper deadline. For urgent orders, the price really gets cosmic high. You may also need to negotiate on the bonuses. But, there are slim chances you will get any at all.

Prices Level 

Once using the bidding system, the service still offers the pricing range for a page from $17 to $28. For some urgent orders, you may need to pay even more. These prices are over the average for simple essay papers. Most online companies offer prices over $20 per page for such complex papers as thesis or dissertation.

How can I pay for services? 

It is mentioned on the website that you can use any payment method. Still, you should be very careful when filling in your payment details. The company does not assure any private or payment information safety. Sometimes, you need to check with customer support whether the payment option is available.

Discounts & Special Proposals

The service brings no special proposals or bonuses for clients in general. Once checking the quality of services, we have ordered an argumentative essay for $18 per page. We have decided that the price was too much, so we tried to reach another writer. Once we canceled our initial proposition, we were offered a 10% discount. Still, the price remained way too high for a simple college essay.

Functionality of

The website offers a simple set of functions. You cannot count the price for your order in advance. There is simply no online calculator to do so. Besides, the pricing policy is too complicated to easily check your final fee. You need to check bids from different writers to decide on the price. Still, there is no online chat to talk with writers directly. You get their request through the platform. It is always inconvenient since students need their essays to be completed fast. There is no time for bidding and negotiating. Besides, some orders do not get any bids at all especially when it is an assignment with a complex topic.

The website offers a collection of already written essays. You can use the search bar on the website to find your essay. You need to write down the topic. Still, there are small chances you will find an essay with a familiar topic. Mostly, the system will recommend you some papers with far from relevant topics. Lots of links on the website are inactive. For instance, you cannot check the writers’ reviews. The information on the website is not supported by outside links or testimonials.

Website’s Design

The design of the website is quite standard. You will not find some advanced features when visiting the website. Besides, it lacks the basic components of an online writing service, like an online calculator. You cannot reach customer support or your writer via live chat. In fact, the communication with the writer goes through the web platform only.


The service offers a search bar to help students to search for essays. Still, students rarely find the essays with matching or relevant topics.

Ordering Process

When you place your order, you need to negotiate the price for an order with the chosen writer. You choose the writer once checking the bids. This is quite a problematical system for students who need papers urgently. Besides, some orders get no bids at all.

Customer Support Service 

You can reach customer service on the phone or via email. Mostly, clients use emails to communicate with the service’s representatives. It can take time, especially when you have some urgent orders.

Timely Delivery

The website is assuring to deliver 100% orders timely. Still, with the bidding system and time-wasting negotiations, it already becomes a long-lasting process. The urgent orders may need a fast reply you may not get from this service.

Extra Features

The service brings no extra features that can be useful for clients. The bidding system remains its unconventional feature. Besides, the website offers a collection of previously published papers.


When you wonder is gradesfixer reliable, it is good to check the reviews and various testimonials. The website does not offer reviews of the writer’s competence. Still, it is mentioned on the website that every writer has a bunch of reviews. Still, all the links to reviews are inactive. Lots of customers can pay no attention to this fact. Still, it reveals that the service particularly tries to confuse the clients. It is never good to deal with some tricky services. If the service has a bunch of positive writer’s reviews, why not let clients check them. Sure, there is only one reason – there are no positive reviews. The mentioned almost 100% client satisfaction rate is also fiction. The same is true about the 100% cases of timely delivery when you offer complex bidding that wastes the client’s time. The service does not bring the feeling of unconditional trust. Thus, it is better to search for other online writing services if you care about your time, money, and paper quality.


Numerous reviews online reveal the fact that the unpleasant bidding system bothers lots of clients. Besides, the prices for orders are too high for low-quality essays. The service brings lots of fake information revealed on the website. In fact, once using the service, most customers are left with papers that do not match the demanded quality.


When you use the collection of written essays on the website, you can simply check some materials for additional information. The company does not guarantee that the provided essays are of top quality. When you order the papers from writers, the quality is still in question. The service offers a very unclear refund policy. In fact, it is difficult to even apply for free revisions. Mostly, clients are left with no solutions in general.

Services Offered

The website brings two types of services for clients:

  • You can find and ask to email your already written essays. Find them on the website once using the search bar.
  • You can order your paper to be written and delivered by an expert writer.

Moreover, clients can order lots of essay paper’s types, including the following:

  • Analytical,
  • Argumentative,
  • Autobiography,
  • Cause and Effect,
  • Compare and Contrast,
  • Definition,
  • Descriptive,
  • Expository,
  • Narrative,
  • Persuasive,
  • Reflective,
  • Research, etc.

The list of performed essays includes almost every type of essay. Still, with the inconvenient bidding system, uncertain quality of the papers, and totally fake authors’ profiles, it can be tricky to order services at the website.


The gradesfixer review shows that the offered service is quite unreliable. Besides, you do not get any guarantees of your paper’s timely and flawless accomplishment—the writers’ profiles at the website lack any genuine reviews. You can try to order at the website and check the offered bids. Still, you will more certainly lose the precious time needed for your essay’s accomplishment. The service does not offer any guarantees of safety. You may end up with a low-quality paper and no possibility to reach an author for revisions or a money refund.

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