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May, 2021 Last Update is a modern online service that offers writing assistance for high school and college students. The service brings quite unconventional solutions for clients. Students can reach the website to get already written papers or get study guidelines or tutorials. This is not a traditional service that offers writer’s assistance. You work with the website according to the subscription plan. Once subscribed, you get access to a bunch of written essays, reports, tutorials, writing guides, and various articles. You can use the materials to come up with some ideas for your paper. Still, you cannot use the content in your work. Otherwise, you will fail your plagiarism checking test eventually.

Thoughts About – General Overview

Gradesaver offers online writing assistance for clients from different countries. In fact, the service does not assign any writer to complete your paper. It only provides some materials and already written papers to help you perform your paper. You can find various written essays, writing guides, tutorials, lesson plans, and textbook answers on the website. You can get some materials and already completed essays for free. Still, you need to subscribe to services to get full access. You can subscribe for a month or an entire year at once. Still, when subscribing for a year, you can face lots of problems with the cancellation of your subscription if needed.

Writers Competence

The service offers no writers to complete your essays or other papers. You are the one who will write your paper. You can only find some study materials and published essays on the website. Still, you can use the materials offered only as educational guides. You cannot use any of the essays available on the website to submit to your tutor. Otherwise, you will submit a fully plagiarized document. When you want to write your paper on your own, you can use the service. Still, no one guarantees that the provided articles are of top quality. You can try to improve your writings. There are editing and proofreading services to order at the website.

Assignments Quality

It is a very debatable question whether uses good quality papers or not. In fact, even in the FAQ section, you can read that service does not guarantee top quality of published papers. Moreover, none of the available papers can be used in your work. You simply check the papers to find some ideas for your project. Lots of the materials available, including tutorials and writing guides, are of no use for students in general. In fact, you are never sure to submit a good paper to your tutor when using the service.

Pricing Policy

There is no average price per page when you use the website. You deal fully with a subscription plan. Once you need access to the materials on the website, you subscribe to offered services. You can subscribe for a month by paying $19.99. In another case, you can choose the yearly subscription for $99.99. The cancellation of the subscription can become an issue eventually. Since this is not a standard writing service where you can order an original paper, you pay for your access mostly. Still, there are some materials offered for free. You can check them before subscribing to the services. You can also order editing services. Still, the prices can be too high for students. In general, you can pay over $100 for editing or proofreading your paper.


The main subscription plans offered for clients are the following:

  • $19.99 for a single month
  • $99.99 for a one year

For editing services, you can be asked to pay $34.99 for a paper with a 3-day deadline. For 24-hour editing assistance, you may need to pay on average about $139.99. These prices are over usual fees on the current market.

The proofreading services cost $34.99 for a paper with a 3-day deadline and $49.99 for a 24-hour deadline.

Payment Methods

Once registering on the website, you are forced to select the subscription plan and pay for accessible services. There are two methods available for clients, which include credit card and PayPal. You can check about additional methods once checking the services’ support team. Still, customer support can be reached only via a special form on the website. Thus, you may wait for an answer for a long time.

Discounts & Special Proposals

When you subscribe for services by paying for your subscription plan, you get a 10% discount for editing services. Still, with very high prices for editing, this discount can feel quite insignificant.


The gradesaver website looks a little bit overwhelming. It is probably due to the fact the service offers lots of assistance. You can find already written essays there, study guides, tutorials, lesson plans, and textbook answers. Once you check with the website, you can scroll through free options. There are not many of them. Thus, for the full-range work with the website, you will need to pay for a subscription. With the chosen subscription plan, you will get access to all available materials. Still, you will not get a chance to check for additional information with a support team. You can contact customer support only via a special form on the website. It decreases the quality of communication on the website greatly. In any case, you need to log in on the website when you need assistance.

Website’s Design

The website has a design familiar to some newspaper web platforms. It probably highlights the types of essays offered on the site, in particular literature essays. Every user needs to become a member to use all the offered services. With your subscription plan in place, you can check the lists of available essays, study guides, tutorials, lesson plans, etc. You are not offered any effective communication channels, unfortunately.

Is it convenient for use?

You can reach for the service only after paying for a subscription. There are not many possibilities for users who are not members of the website. You can see only small glimpses of the written papers without a subscription.

Process of Ordering 

Once you decide to check the materials the service offers, you must subscribe first. After selecting a subscription plan and paying for it, you can start your website’s discovery. For ordering editing or proofreading services, you should log in to your personal account and pay for the services.

Level Of Customer Support

There are no effective communication channels with customer support. You can contact the support group only via a form on the website. Thus, your question or request for additional information can be postponed to be answered for a long time.

Timely Delivery

There is no deadline when you subscribe for services. You pay for access to the materials, and the deadline remains only your personal issue. Since you write the paper, you are the one to always check to submit your essay timely. For editing and proofreading services, you deal with 3-day and 24-hour deadlines only.

Extra Features

The service brings various quizzes, study guides, lesson plans, and different tutorials to help with the paper’s accomplishment. With your subscription, you get access to all the mentioned materials.


With the lack of options to reach the service via live chat or email, it is difficult to expect absolutely trustworthy assistance. Besides, you will not find any guarantees of top quality of published papers on the website. You cannot copy the offered materials, or your risk is failing the plagiarism-checking test. Moreover, you simply use the offered tutorials, study guides, and textbook answers to learn more information on your writing task. The service does not remain responsible for your paper’s quality. Even if you order editing or proofreading services, you cannot expect the service to fully improve your paper if your content is unsatisfactory. The mentioned services mostly help to deal with minor grammar errors or punctuation mistakes.


You can check the gradesaver sell essays to learn the reliability of offered services. The website does not list any guarantees or assures the top quality of papers. Your actions on the website are your responsibility. The same is true about your full responsibility for your paper’s final grade. Students who need professional assistance do not choose the services that only offer educational materials without delivering any original essays for real.


You will not get any guarantees once subscribing to services. Moreover, you are the one responsible for the originality and quality of your paper. You can order editing and proofreading services, but you are never sure to get flawless paper eventually. Besides, it is really difficult to reach the service fast due to a lack of proper and effective communication channels.

Services Offered

When you use the online service, you can get access to a wide variety of materials, including the following:

  • Written college and admission essays;
  • Various literature essays;
  • Study guides and tutorials,
  • Lesson plans for teachers;
  • Textbook answers.

Also, you can order editing and proofreading services on the website. Mostly, students check the website to get some study materials that help to write the assigned papers. It includes some general information on writing techniques, various glossaries, information on chapters, themes’ selection, and related links.


If you need a website where to order an original and flawless paper, this service will be of no use for you. On this web platform, you can get access to lots of study guides and already written papers. Still, this can help you only to learn some writing guides and rules. You remain the one who will perform the paper eventually. Thus, the online assistance offered by the service brings you no unique or excellent content. You also can get problems with a subscription cancellation and communication with customer support in general. If you need a perfect and original paper written by experts, you should reach another online service for sure.

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