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January, 2021 Last Update

Ordering anything online without prior research is very risky. Always check the website’s reputation and read reviews online to make sure that it is safe and reliable. Is Essaybot any good? We did our best to find out the answer to this question, and now we want to share this information with you. Customers need to know whom they are hiring. Overview

This website was designed with the idea that artificial intelligence can write papers. Unfortunately, AI is not capable of producing high-quality texts. Such technologies are not advanced enough to substitute traditional writers. Essaybot can generate random segments of text on the specified topic, but the final results are far from perfect. 

Paper Quality

We wondered if AI can actually provide us with something decent. To check how this bot works, we decided to try a few sample essay prompts. With each prompt, the results were not very satisfying, to say the least. Each text needed thorough proofreading and heavy editing. Most paragraphs were simply unreadable and difficult to understand. Such an essay will not get you a positive grade for sure. Spending long hours on editing defies this service’s initial purpose. Esaybot will not save your time, so why use it at all?

We were disappointed with how AI uses synonyms. The purpose of such paraphrasing is to conceal plagiarism, but the text becomes very incoherent and hardly readable. This software simply cannot produce scholarly language and imitate human writing. All you get is a strange word choice that is not even suitable for high school students. If you need a quality result and want to avoid spending long hours on paper editing, Essaybot is definitely not for you.


Essaybot is a new service that appeared not so long ago. Such technologies are still developing, and there is much to improve to reach decent quality. You would think that this experimental service should’ve been free. And Essaybot looks like it is free at first! However, this software can only be used on a paid basis. Once the content is created, you will be asked to buy a subscription. Otherwise, you simply won’t be able to download your essay.


There are two options available: monthly subscription with a trial period of one weak and yearly subscription. The first week of the monthly subscription will cost you $2.49, and each subsequent month you will be paying $9.95. A yearly subscription is $4.95 per month. So the whole year will cost you $59.40. Given that this tool is completely automated, and there are no writers to be paid, it could have been cheaper. There are similar tools that can be used for free or cost a few dollars. In comparison, Essaybot is too expensive. And it isn’t much better in terms of quality.

Payment Options

There are only two payment methods available on Essaybot: PayPal and Stripe. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you will need to create one to use this service. This is rather inconvenient. On the other hand, PayPal is a safe and reliable payment processor. And still, Essaybot should consider adding more payment options so that every customer could use it. 


Traditional writing services always offer attractive discounts or bonus programs. Essaybot does not provide such options. This is understandable – on their website, you purchase monthly or yearly membership and can use the software as much as you like. 


Essaybot is a very simple automated tool. Since they don’t have writers or a wide range of services, there are not many tabs and not much information available. 

Website’s Design

To be honest, Essaybot looks like it was designed in a few hours by someone who just learned to create websites. Everything is as simple as it can get. It doesn’t look bad but has nothing especially attractive either. 


Essaybot is very easy to use – there are not many things you can do, really. You just provide your essay’s topic and wait for the software to generate some text for you. After that, you can edit it and choose fragments that are offered. 

Customer Support

You will not find a live chat option or phone numbers on Essaybot. The only way you can contact them is through a single email address. Well, we’ve tried sending an email with simple questions concerning the tool, just to check if they reply. It has been 5 days, and we haven’t got anything. We doubt that anyone ever replies to emails. It looks like this service is just someone’s way to make money. They don’t really care if you like this service or not.

Additional Features

There is a plagiarism detector and grammar checker available on Essaybot. We expected that their plagiarism checker would always show 100% uniqueness. Surprisingly, it detected plagiarized text in most cases. The grammar checker wasn’t so bad either – it found multiple errors in the content.


Is Essayboy reliable? In the case of this service, this question is not relevant. Since Essaybot doesn’t involve any human work, it is more reliable in terms of delivery than people. The text is usually generated in less than a minute. So, there cannot be delays and missed deadlines. However, let’s see what people think of this tool in Essaybot reviews.  

Online Reputation

To understand the reputation, we attempted to research the average opinion about Essaybot. Those who tried it were mostly disappointed because they expected better results. It frustrates people that the generated text needs to be thoroughly edited and modified. The majority does not consider Essaybot a helpful service that can be seriously used for creating academic assignments. Of course, it can give you a general idea about the topic, but so can free articles on the Internet. 

Many people asked, “Is Essay Bot cheating?” Well, if you edit the text backward and forwards, and the final result significantly differs from what Essaybot offers, you can hardly call it cheating. 


Since Essabot is used on a paid basis and the subscription is not cheap, the company could have provided at least some guarantees, but they simply don’t care about customers. Essaybot does not offer any refunds. If you bought a subscription and weren’t satisfied with the result, you don’t have a chance of getting your money back, even if you didn’t use the tool at all. Many people ask, “Is Essaybot illegal?” No, it is absolutely legal. Nevertheless, it is rather a rip-off than a helpful tool. 


Essaybot does not offer a wide range of specific types of services. Its main function is to generate random text chunks on the given topic. Once you buy a subscription, you can use the following features:

  • Information databases

Essaybot does not create content from scratch – it uses millions of websites to generate a paper. Your essay will consist of modified fragments from other websites where people normally search for all kinds of information. Therefore, your essay won’t be original at all.

  • Plagiarism checker

This feature works surprisingly well on Essaybot.

  • Grammar checker

This feature is good, as well. Your text will be thoroughly checked, and you will see suggestions on what should be improved.

  • Citations feature

It could give a more professional look to your paper by creating MLA & APA citations. However, these citations may need some editing.

To be frank, this tool can hardly be used for working on serious assignments. Though grammar and plagiarism checker works fine, you will still waste too much time on editing the text and making it look decent. Is an Essaybot scam? We wouldn’t call it so, though the price seems too high for such low-quality results.


Essaybot is a relatively new service, an original and up-to-date idea. On the other hand, the quality of the delivered materials is far from good. Surely, this technology will keep developing and evolving. Maybe artificial intelligence will be able to write decent essays in the future, but at the present moment, this tool can hardly be used for serious academic writing. Essaybot cannot be recommended to students who seek professional quality help with their assignments. 

Use More Professional Services

Though seems like a good idea that might be the best solution in the future, currently, there are much better services to entrust your paper to, given that the Essaybot cost is pretty high. It is better to hire a proven and reliable writing service with actual writers one way or another. Though people can sometimes disappoint you – delay the paper or make mistakes, they can still offer you more than AI. It is probably better to wait until fresh emerging technologies get more advanced and continue to create papers the traditional way. 

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