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January, 2021 Last Update

In the modern variety of academic writing companies, finding a trustworthy partner might be a challenge. Students who need help with their writing assignments can’t afford to risk. That’s why we took the task of reviewing writing services to help you to make your choice. Here, we present to you our findings and conclusions about Overview is one of the most famous companies in the field of academic assistance. It has lots of customers, and you can find hundreds of Edusson reviews on the Web. The company is active on the Web; they pay a lot of effort to promote their brand. For instance, it runs its own Edusson Reddit thread. 

Edusson works under the bidding model. The customers choose the writers themselves, and they pay to them if only the quality of work satisfies them. 

The question “is Edusson legit” worries all customers. This company is not a fraud, and it does its work for your money. It looks like a pure profit for the client. Still, users’ feedback found on the best-known online reviewing platforms is mixed. You can read both positive and negative reviews.

That’s why we’ve decided to research this service ourselves and examine every aspect in detail.

Writers’ Qualifications

This writing company is a “meeting point” for the writers and customers. Edusson works as an intermediary, ensures the correct working procedures and payments. It claims that all writers have to prove their competence to work via Edusson. The company includes the Quality Assurance department. Therefore, it claims that you will always get a quality job working with this company. 

In fact, there are writers with different levels of competence. Edusson lets the user decide whom they will work with. When you get the writers’ bids, you can check their rankings based on the customers’ feedback. You can also communicate with every writer directly and evaluate their expertise. At least, it seems so.

We can say from our experience that you should never try to save money by accepting the “cheapest” bid. While low price doesn’t need to mean low quality, it will be almost sure for Edusson writers. Chances that you will get an acceptable quality rise with the price. So, be ready to pay more to work with a better-prepared writer. 

Another issue is that the writers in this company might not wish to work on your assignment. We tested this case by placing an order for quite a sophisticated task. Edusson states on its website that their writers’ team includes specialists in all subjects. You can choose the “Other” category and describe your non-standard assignment. We took this opportunity but did not receive any offers from the writers. Eventually, we had to cancel this order.  

It seems that you can easily find a writer for a standard research paper. Still, it might not be what you need – you can get such service anywhere, and on more beneficial conditions. More complex tasks requiring in-depth expertise often remain unanswered.

Quality of Assignments

The good thing about the Edusson service is that their authors do their jobs honestly. Though we found some mentions of Edusson cheating on the Web, the company reacts really fast. They claim that they monitor the writers’ performances and cancel cooperation with those caught on plagiarism or other violations. The customers should not be afraid of getting cheated – the works are original. 

The overall quality of the assignment may differ, though. The most common complaint on Edusson is that the writers ignore the customers’ instructions. The result of work depends on the writer or your luck – whether you’ve chosen the right person. If you don’t have enough time to interview each author and prefer to take chances, you might get in trouble.  

Another test task we placed was for a standard research paper on Sociology. We did not take the cheapest option. Instead, we accepted the bid that was neither too cheap nor too expensive. The writing matched the work of an ENL person – it had the right structure and correct phrase building. On the other hand, there were grammar and spelling mistakes. Some of them were typos, and we think that the writer should have paid more attention to the work.

In general, the quality of the paper was not poor. Still, we’d have to do a thorough afterwork for it, should we need to submit it to the professor. Maybe, the quality would be higher if we chose the most expensive author. Still, that price was much higher than other writing services offer for similar assignments.

Price Formation 

The bidding system’s main trouble is that you’ll never know how much you have to pay for each assignment. Edusson pricing is indefinite. Each time you place the order, you can get different rates. Though the company defines its model as the most flexible and beneficial, as you can negotiate the prices, it does not guarantee that you get a good deal.  

From what we could judge by the bids we received and from the other users’ feedbacks, it seems that you’d have to pay about $20-22 per essay page with a solid 7-10 days’ deadline. Most writing companies do it at 30-40% cheaper. Of course, you will get bids at lower prices, but the work quality can be unacceptable.

One more thing to note is that there are “Premium” and “Platinum” categories for Edusson writers. The work of these writers – more experienced and skilled ones – costs more expensive. Should you wish to cooperate with them, your assignment’s price will increase by 10% or 15%, respectively.

Payment Options

Edusson supports Visa and MasterCard – it is not a wide variety of options. The absence of such a popular payment means as PayPal does not help. The system demands that you put the agreed amount on your balance – the escrow payment. After that, the writer starts to work on your assignment. This process is seamless. Operations of adding funds, releasing the payment, and money withdrawal are smooth. 

Discounts & Special Offers

There are no such things. You can negotiate the price with the author and ask for a discount. It is personal each time.


The Edusson company owns a modern website with convenient navigation. You can find the necessary information on the service. Besides, the company runs a blog where you can find plenty of articles related to different aspects of academic writing and college admission. 

Ordering Process

The ordering process is similar to that of other companies. You specify the assignment and conditions and post the order. After that, the order gets into the Edusson system, and the writers can see it on their boards. They will contact you with their bids, and you can make an agreement. The ordering form is convenient. It does not require you to pay at once – you do it after the delivery only. Also, you keep control over the escrow payment. 

Customer Support

The support team is fast and quite helpful. It is undoubtedly one of the Edusson’s advantages, and most of Edusson reviews mention the support managers’ professionalism. 

Timely Delivery

This aspect is somehow contradictory. Many reviews claim that Edusson writers often tend to send the papers late. They don’t break the deadlines significantly, but if you are under a strict deadline – it may be worrying. Another serious trouble relates to the start of work. 

You have to wait for at least a couple of hours before you get the bids. It can take more, or you might not get any proposal at all, as it happened to us with one of the test tasks. Then, you have to examine all offers and maybe talk to the candidates to choose the one.

Edusson could be handy if you don’t face a close deadline. It is not suitable for urgent orders at all. Consider that you need a half of the day minimum to get the bids and choose the writer.  

Extra Features

Edusson guarantees free revisions of the papers. All other features are a part of your agreement with the writer. 


The popularity of this writing service suggests its reliability. We decided to examine the online reputation of Edusson and users’ impressions from cooperating with it. This way, we can define if the brand worth our trust. 


Both on Reddit and on reviewing platforms, you can find mixed feedbacks. Many customers mention late deliveries, errors in papers, and ignoring their instructions by the writers. On the other hand, there are many positive and trusted reviews too. It all depends on the particular agreement. If you are lucky to find the right writer at once, you can expect a decent result. 


There are several aspects. Edusson obeys its policies, but there are some pitfalls that you need to note: 

  • Revisions guarantee. You can request and get it free of charge. However, there are two issues. First, you can’t ask for a revision if you accepted the paper. Second, you have only three days to request a correction.
  • Money-back guarantee. You can withdraw the money any moment before you release the payment. If you pay, you can’t revert it. There is one problem: you have three days after the paper delivery to pay or cancel it and withdraw the money. If you don’t accept the paper but keep the money on the account, the system considers that you approved the work. Then it releases the payment automatically. 


Edusson provides writing services and editing/proofreading services. On the website, the company offers all the common types of academic writing assignments. If your order does not match them, you can use the “Other” category and explain the task’s essence. The company assures that its writers’ team includes authors for even the most sophisticated jobs. In reality, we did not get any bid for our non-standard tasks within two days. 


The Edusson bidding system might be convenient if you have a standard assignment, plenty of time, and much money to pay. However, the working procedure does not match the students’ needs if they are short of time. The quality of papers depends on the writers. The problem is, the system does not seem to monitor them closely unless you complain. Considering all these aspects, we would not recommend using Edusson services – it is often unreliable and time-consuming.

The score is: 19/100

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