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January, 2021 Last Update

There are many writing services today that run errands for college and university students. CustomWritings is one of them. Here you can order an essay, reaction paper, business plan, personal statement, coursework, and other academic papers you may need during your studies. 

Before you get your feet wet, you should learn as much information about the particular writing service as possible. We’re eager to delve deeper and provide you with an honest customwritings review to understand whether this company deserves your attention. Overview

We decided to write this review because CustomWritings is popular among students. Having visited it, you can choose the type of order, find out the cost, order additional services. They also claim to work with professional writers and deliver plagiarism-free papers.

The first thing you need to know is that CustomWritings is owned by the same company as EssayShark, Bid4Papers, and some other essay websites. It attracts users with a stylish website and big promises. But is Customwriting safe? Let’s see. We’ve analyzed all factors you should consider before you make the order.

Expertise of Writers

The writing team is the main asset of any writing service. These are people who are responsible for the paper you receive. That’s why we analyzed it first.

And we can say that we’re not satisfied with the writers’ professionalism. Of course, we can’t know about all writers, because it is impossible to check all of them in a short period. We have made an order to understand whether Customwritings will assign us with a good expert. It was a university-level economic paper because we wanted to see one’s knowledge.

Unfortunately, we’ve received a fairly cursory essay written by someone who is not very familiar with economics. The author didn’t use any professional terms except the most popular ones. He even made a few mistakes that a professional would definitely not miss. So, maybe this paper was good for an inattentive professor who just wants to get ready-made assignments from students on time. But it definitely wasn’t written by a professional author as they promised. 

Quality of Written Papers

Speaking about the quality of the paper itself, there are several aspects.

First, we already mentioned that it was not professional enough. The company may be doing well with high school or college assignments, but they certainly didn’t deliver the expected outcome for the university.

Secondly, our paper contained errors: grammatical, spelling, logical. We cannot say unequivocally that the author is not a native English speaker and does not have the appropriate education. But he is definitely not the most attentive person and did not proofread the paper before sending it.

Fortunately, we did not find any plagiarism because it could be called a scam. But this is definitely not an advantage because all writing companies are required to provide unique papers. Customwritings cheating is not proven, but they definitely don’t keep their promises.

Pricing policy

Pricing is the thing that matters to all students. We’ve carefully explored this issue to provide you with the most relevant information. 


We can’t say that Customwritings prices are affordable. The cheapest paper here costs $10 per page if you’re ordering a high school essay with a deadline in 14 days. It sounds good because many high school students have their pocket money and can afford a one-page essay.

But nobody orders just a one-page essay. It will take you a maximum of an hour to come up with it, so why should you spend $10? Students are looking for writing services if they need complex assignments, for example, 1100-words coursework. And of course, they don’t have 14 days to wait. So, if you want to order an undergraduate paper with a deadline in two days, you should pay at least $112. Sounds not so affordable, right?

So, it is definitely not the cheapest service to choose from. And let’s remember that their quality is not always the best. You may pay a lot for a paper that won’t satisfy you. 

Payment Options

The good news is that it is really easy to give your money. CustomWritings accepts all popular payment methods. You can use your credit card or PayPal to pay for the services. It is even easier if you’re a regular customer because you can save your payment data in the personal account. 

Discounts & Special Offers

Many writing services provide their customers with attractive discounts to increase their loyalty. And what about the CustomWritings? It is not easy to find the Discount page on their website and understand what they actually promise.

They offer coupon codes that change from time to time. For example, at this moment, they offer to get one free page of the paper for the first order. Every season the company presents new codes with discounts, additional options for free, and “invite-a-friend” activities. 

You can also get $10 for you and your friend if you invite one to use the CustomWritings services. However, we pressed the “Invite a Friend” button, and there was a 404 error message.


The customer experience is another important aspect that deserves attention. If you analyze fraudulent companies’ sites, you will see that their functionality can calculate them. If a company wants to provide you with the best possible service, it takes care of all the details—every little thing matters.

Website’s Design

They definitely have a good designer because the website looks attractive. They use calm colors and a lot of real photos to build trust. It is a good hook because you think all of these people have made an order here and are absolutely happy about it. You should know it is a marketing technique. 


The website usability is good, but not perfect. It is not so easy to find the necessary information sometimes, and you can suddenly meet a 404 error message. 

The good decision for the CustomWritings was to add several languages. Their website is available in English, Chinese, and Arab. You can order even if your command of English is not flawless.

Ordering Process

The ordering process is pretty standard because all writing companies have the same approach. Find an Order Now button and press it.

Your next step is to provide all paper details, such as:

  • type of paper;
  • discipline;
  • academic level;
  • paper format;
  • instructions;
  • additional materials.

It takes you time to fill in all the fields, but it is necessary to explain your requirements. 

The bad news is that they suggest additional services at this stage only. And they are not free. For example, Native-English writer will cost you 30% more. How do you like it? And if you want to see some previous samples, you should pay as well. These services look like marketing techniques as well, because you realize you need to pay for them only when you’ve already completed the form and don’t want to go to another company. 

Customer Support

CustomWritings works with students from all over the world; that’s why their customer support service is available round-the-clock. However, they answer pretty often when they expect you to make an order. And when you’ve already received the paper and are not happy about it, they can just ignore you or send messages that don’t help you at all. 

Timely Delivery

Our order was delivered with a delay, so we can’t say they are very punctual. Maybe it was an exception, but we have some doubts. Think about students who pay a lot to get their papers in 3 hours. What if they don’t receive their essays on time? It is possible to forgive some mistakes because you just get the lower grade. But most professors don’t accept assignments delivered with a delay. 

Extra Features

Don’t think, however, that you should pay for everything. CustomWritings has some free features as well. For example, if you need a bibliography page, a title page, or formatting, you can get them. 


Don’t order a paper from any company until you know you can trust it. And how can you know that? Read a few independent reviews such as ours and check out customer testimonials. It would be a great idea to read the company’s Guarantees document because it is an official paper. If they don’t keep their promises, you can claim damages.

Reading the testimonials, don’t be limited to the company’s website, because they can moderate testimonials and remove those that do not reflect the company well. Instead, look for student venues such as Reddit, where you can find unbiased opinions.

We’ve already done that for you. It was interesting to understand whether our bad experience was random. Read on to know what we have found.


Reviews about CustomWritings are not the best. Students say, “It doesn’t get worse than this,” “Poorest services that I’ve ever had,” “Money wasted,” and so on.

It would be a bad choice to ignore such testimonials. Of course, there are a couple of good ones, but they don’t really matter when you know that a lot of people are not satisfied with writing services. 


If you read the FAQ, you’ll find the question about the company’s guarantees. The answer looks pretty sweet; they promise you high-quality and 100% satisfaction to every customer. However, these are empty words, because testimonials and our experience say otherwise. Customwritings refund policy is also not clear though their dispute managers are looking for all possible ways to delay the investigation. 

Variety of Services

The list of their services is really impressive. They seem to be ready to tackle any task. Whether you need academic writing or admission writing, you can order the paper you need. It goes about essays, theses, reviews, capstone projects, speeches, grant proposals, and so on.

If you need some additional services, such as a lab report or academic ghostwriting, they provide them as well. As stated on this website, they work with 75+ disciplines.

Maybe economics is their weak side, or they have just fired the best authors. But we’ve already mentioned that there are a lot of students who have offered different papers and didn’t get the result they expected. It means you shouldn’t trust the first impression. Maybe they have 10 authors who deal with all those assignments. Or 100 writers, but you don’t know which of them do their job well. 


Having analyzed this company, we have compiled an honest, objective opinion based on evidence. Our score is 36 out of 100. We can’t ignore the attractive website design, the variety of services they offer, and an interactive discount system. But it is not that really matters when it goes about the professional writing service.

They provide students with poor papers that contain mistakes and inaccuracies. Their customers say they can’t get their money back because the company delays the investigation process as much as possible. Of course, you can place an order at your own risk, but we wouldn’t recommend you doing it. 

Explore customwritings origin, authors’ biographies, samples, independent review to make your own decision if you want.

Trust Your Assignments to Best Essay Company

As you can see, is definitely not the best company. We’ve analyzed a lot of modern services and created a list with the most trustworthy ones. They have really qualified authors, a flawless reputation, and affordable prices.

You can spend some time reading reviews and analyzing all benefits you can get, but it will pay off. We want you to find the best writing company and get the most out of its services. So, choose the option you like, and enjoy this experience!

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