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January, 2021 Last Update

The good thing about modern writing services is that the choice is robust. You will always find the right writers, eventually. The bad news is, you might make the wrong choice and lose time and money before you find the right team. That’s why we do the job of reviewing such companies for you.

Here, we have the CoolEssay company. Stay with us, and you’ll learn everything about this team’s services, guarantees, and quality. We’ll help you to decide if CoolEssay is trustable. Overview is an online company with quite a name on the Web. The question “is CoolEssay legit” arises quite often, but the answer is “yes.” It is a legit company working in the academic writing field. We never heard of any complaints of fraud. It is quality that worries us more. CoolEssay reviews provide both truly positive and totally negative impressions. It was the main reason for us to start reviewing this service ourselves. 

The Writers’ Competences

The company claims that their writers are both ENL and ESL, but they guarantee excellent English level in all cases. In fact, many CoolEssay reviews mention the quality of writing as mismatching the native speakers’ skills as they should be. The service allows you to choose the writer’s level. It can be “best available” – the default choice, and the “Top” and the “Professional” levels.

There is also the option to get examples of the writer’s previous works for an additional $5. It would be a valuable opportunity, but the company claims it does not take responsibility for those texts’ quality. The system chooses pieces automatically and randomly. It sounds strange: they promise to provide the best quality papers but admit the writer’s works might not be such. Does it mean CoolEssay fraud? 

We decided to check the writer’s works ourselves. Without asking for the examples of previous papers, we agreed to the default choice. It should give us an idea about the average level of service. We set a deadline of ten days to provide the writer with enough time to work on common essay topics in history. 

The result did not impress us. On the one hand, the writer worked diligently. We never heard complaints on the CoolEssay plagiarism, and the essay was original. The author conducted research, offered some unusual ideas, and followed the correct essay structure. On the other hand, the text had too many grammar errors that a native English speaker would not do. 

It was more problematic that the essay did not match the requirements for the university level. specifies several academic levels for your papers. Thus, its people should know about all conditions, shouldn’t they? Still, the result would match the high school level, not the university.  

The default choice – and the cheapest option – means that you get an ESL writer without a degree holder’s competence. Suppose you want to improve your chances of getting decent quality. In that case, you need to pay extra for a Top writer (25% more) or Professional writer (30% more). The writers from these top categories are native English speakers. However, their level of expertise might not match your requirements. 

The Work Quality 

As the papers’ quality comes directly from the writers’ skills, underqualified writers can’t meet academic requirements. They do their best and write from scratch. Unfortunately, it is not enough. If you are lucky, the paper will satisfy your teacher in a high school, but in no way – a college professor.

One of the most obvious problems is the low level of English. There are lots of mistakes in grammar and spelling. Professional proofreading might help, but you need to order this service separately. We find it worrying. If you don’t call the editor’s service, the writer should proofread their work.

The authors try their best to find relevant information for any essay; it is true. Unfortunately, it becomes problematic if your topic is not very popular and demands specific knowledge. Despite all their claims, the CoolEssay service can’t fulfill their promises of making quality papers. In some cases, it might work for a high school level and everyday topics, but not for anything more challenging.  


It is not a secret that any writing company claims that its prices will be the most affordable to the students. As the students’ budgets are not robust, people always seek the opportunity to save money. Let’s see how it is with the CoolEssay prices. 


CoolEssay rates are affordable, but not really low. The company follows a well-known model, where you get the lowest rate per page for the maximum deadline. Here, the price starts from $10 per page if you order a high school level paper, and the ultimate deadline is 14 days. The prices increase for higher academic levels. The shorter timeframe you set – the higher rates will be, and the urgent tasks are the most expensive. In general, CoolEssay prices are about average on the market. 

Payment Options

The company accepts payments by Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. The latter option is useful for many users who prefer PayPal due to its convenience and security protection. Another helpful feature is that you can choose several currencies: CoolEssays get payments in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, GB Pounds, and Euro. It is crucial for many students, as they don’t lose money on conversion fees.  

Discounts & Special Offers

Unlike other companies, CoolEssay does not provide regular discounts – no promo codes, nothing. A user can, however, request a discount directly by contacting the support managers. They can reduce the price by 5% to 10% on request. Still, this information is not apparent. You need to examine the FAQ section thoroughly to learn about the possibility of getting a discount.


Speaking of online companies, we can’t omit the question of functionality and organization. As all requests, responses, and support are online, a decent company must make all processes convenient for users. We also covered these issues in our review. 

Website’s Design & Usability 

The website has a modern look and is loaded fast. On the other hand, having much text on its pages, the CoolEssay website is not really helpful for users seeking information about the service. First of all, there is no separate “service” section at all. You can see some information about the services on other pages, but the list is concise and even seems random. In fact, the full list of services is available only during the ordering process.

What if you want to know if the company does this or that assignment? Perhaps, you need to contact them directly beforehand, as there is no other way to find the information on the website. 

The website has a separate section called “Beware.” The company describes its benefits by comparing themselves to other “not-so-reliable” services. It does not name them. Still, we consider such an approach somewhat unethical.

Ordering Process

The ordering procedure is standard, consisting of several steps. You have to choose the service you need and specify the academic level, the type of work, the topic and subjects, etc. You then provide more details on the paper, add extra services, if needed, and proceed to the checkout. CoolEssay does not differ from other services in this aspect. You make the payment, and then the company assigns your task to the writer. 

Customer Support

Support managers are available via email and online chat. There is also a toll-free number for calls from the US and Canada. The managers are fast and helpful.

Timely Delivery

We got our test task even before the deadline. As we can judge from the existing users’ feedback, CoolEssay writers deliver the papers on-time. There weren’t complaints about late delivery.  

Extra Features

CoolEssay offers some free features like the cover page, bibliography, and formatting in the necessary style. They also provide free revisions for 10 days after the delivery. Paid features include the plagiarism report, the summary (1 page), the editor’s notes, and getting samples of the writer’s previous works.


To estimate how reliable the service is, we’ve researched the online discussions and reviews related to the company’s guarantees. 


The online reputation of CoolEssay is controversial – there are both positive and negative reviews. It seems it depends significantly on luck and the amount of money paid. Suppose you pay extra to get the writer from the “Top” or “Professional” category and proofreading and editing. In that case, you may expect to get a decent paper for the high school and maybe college academic levels. Judging from the number of reviews on the trusted platforms, this company is rather famous. Many students find that CoolEssay is trustable. However, it is mostly for standard routine tasks.  


You can get free revisions of the ready paper within ten days after the delivery. The number of revisions is unlimited, though. Also, the company guarantees you 100% money-back. From what we’ve learned, you can get a refund of your payment if your case matches the conditions of the money-back policy. Still, it will undoubtedly take time, and you’ll have to prove that you are eligible for a refund.

CoolEssay also guarantees confidentiality to the users, and it is true. There have never been any informational leaks or security breaches. In this aspect, the company cares about its reputation.  


The list of services that CoolEssay offers is rather long and comprehensive. There are several categories: 

  • Writing from scratch – it covers all types of academic assignments. There are all types of essays and other research papers, case studies, reviews, critical thinking, presentations, term papers and dissertations, and even creative writing;
  • Business writing – this category includes cover letters, resume, and CV;
  • Rewriting;
  • Editing;
  • Proofreading.

Unfortunately, the website lacks a dedicated section describing all these services and conditions correctly.


In general, CoolEssay reviews and our impressions made it possible to evaluate the service as mediocre. Though the company has some attractive features, the disadvantages are essential — the lack of the authors’ expertise results in making dissatisfying papers. You will most likely spend enough time editing and proofreading the documents yourself if you don’t pay for these services extra. Otherwise, you risk submitting a paper full of mistakes. Besides, the website lacks crucial informational sections, thus worsening the customer experience. 

Our score for CoolEssay is 25/100. 

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