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January, 2021 Last Update

The bidding system is popular among writing companies. Many users consider this approach more convenient – the providers claim that the customer is in charge and can choose the best conditions themselves. Is it so in reality? Like it is with all services, it depends. Should you find the right author, you will benefit. However, the search might take too long.

Bid4papers is one of the best-known writing companies where you can order academic papers using the bidding system. Here is a Bid4papers review we did to help our readers to make their decisions. Overview

The Bid4papers approach is that customers and clients can meet each other directly on a dedicated platform. The company itself provides that platform, mediates the communication, and organizes processes. A customer posts a request for this or that academic assignment, and freelance writers respond to it with their proposals – bids. Further, we’ll examine the Bid4papers cost more thoroughly.

Users dealing with all writing services always worry about their legit status. Here, we can reassure you at once: the Bid4papers company is legit. They have been in this business for more than 6 years, and you can safely use its services. They care about their users’ security. On the other hand, wherever it relates to paying money for some assistance, you need to be sure to get what you need.

Writers’ Qualifications

The company states on the website that they collaborate with more than 1000 of freelance writers. We suspect that it might be complicated to control their work and ensure similar high qualifications. It is, perhaps, the most common reason for many Bid4papers scam complaints on the Web. 

In fact, you can get some information about the writers working for this company. Bid4papers also encourages its customers to share their experience of cooperation and valuate their writers’ performance. They claim they care much about the quality. If they get continuous negative feedback about some authors, they break the contract.

What we can tell for sure now is that you should not accept bids with low prices. Those writers offer such low-cost options do it to get your order instead of better writers. Should you choose their bids, you will most likely lose time, if not money. It might be a kind of Bid4papers cheating. Of course, the bidding system’s advantage is that you pay after the job is done, and you can refuse to pay if it does not match the demands. Still, the time remains wasted. It can be terrible if you face a close deadline and need the ready and polished paper by a certain date. 

Another unpleasant and troublesome issue is that Bid4papers authors don’t pay attention to the customers’ instructions often. In many cases, they ignore even essential requirements. We consider it a totally wrong approach. The company claims they have specialists in all subjects, so you will find the right specialist for any assignment. In fact, you might get zero bids for your order if it is non-standard.

In many cases, more sophisticated tasks are ‘hanging,’ and the users cancel them eventually. The writers of the Bid4papers group will be happy to cope with standard jobs. Still, they lack either competence or diligence to deal with more demanding assignments.  

Quality of Assignments

We checked it ourselves and searched for users’ impressions on Bid4papers Reddit to learn about this team’s work quality. According to the feedback, the results are very different in quality, and it is not even connected with the price. Lower rates will almost surely mean poor quality, but even expensive bids won’t necessarily bring you excellent performance. In most cases, you’ll have to edit those papers yourself to adjust them for the assignment requirements or pay to an expert editor.

We also ordered several papers to check the results. Unfortunately, it was a severe disappointment. Factual mistakes implied that writers did not possess the knowledge on the topic, and there were also grammar mistakes. The overall level of English that the writer demonstrated would match an ENL person, as the writer’s profile stated. Still, the style was not as precise as we needed.

The biggest problem came from plagiarism. We detected it while reading the second test research paper. Checking the document with the plagiarism checker proved our suspicions. The writer had apparent issues with correct citations, and they did not cite all sources. We had to edit citations and bibliography ourselves. Perhaps, we had to order the editing services additionally, but the Bid4papers cost for that essay was high enough. 

Thus, the significant trouble is that the quality of works provided by Bid4papers is insufficient for an average level. As for the more profound fulfillment, its price is often much higher than you’d get from other companies. 



Bid4papers does not provide definite rates for the papers. Writers set prices themselves. There are factors impacting the pricing, of course. The final amount depends on the type and complexity of the task and of the deadline. The problem is, you don’t know the “base value” for Bid4papers prices. As a result, you can’t estimate how much it would cost you until you get the bids.

Payment Options

At the moment, Bid4papers accepts only Visa payments. Such a limited choice is really inconvenient. Though we tested the payment process and can say it works smoothly, having just one option to make a payment is a grave disadvantage. 

Discounts & Special Offers

The system used by Bid4papers does not suggest having discounts. The approach is, you get several offers with different rates and choose the best one for you. You are free to discuss the assignment with the authors and select the best’ quality/price’ variant. Also, you can negotiate the price and ask for a discount directly. Unfortunately, it does not guarantee that the writer will agree to it.   


We tested all the online operations required to provide the writing service. To understand the functionality, we’ve examined the website for the primary tasks: finding the necessary information, making payments, and getting support.

Website’s Design & Usability

The website has only the necessary sections, but it helps the writers and the customers meet each other. You can also find the required information: the services you can get, the data on the top writers and the rankings system, and the details about the Bid4papers policies. 

In general, the website is functional, it loads fast, and the navigation is logical. Also, its creators cared about the users surfing from their mobile devices. They have a mobile app to optimize your cooperation with the resource. 

Ordering Process

First, you have to specify the task and describe your requirements. Then, place the order online. The bidding proposals will come soon. Mostly, it is a question of a couple of hours. However, if your task is non-standard and complex, you might wait several days to get a bid.

Every bid includes information about the author. You can learn about that author’s specialization, experience, and rankings in the Bid4papers internal ranking lists. It supposes you can find the right match. When it happens, add funds to the balance – put the amount of money you two agreed on. The payment remains locked, and you release it after getting the paper if you approve it.  

The procedure is simple, and it does not differ from other services. If you ever worked with a bidding-based writing company, you know the standard ordering process for sure. 

Customer Support

According to the company’s statements, you should discuss all the task-related issues with the writer. You can communicate directly in the live chat. The Bid4papers support deals with account and payment issues mostly. They also provide information about the service, the writers, the task conditions, and guarantees. You should also refer to the support managers if you had any miscommunications with the writer – the managers should resolve them. The support managers do their jobs well and sincerely want to help you.

To contact the support, you can use the live chat. Bid4papers run official accounts on social media, so you can catch the company representatives there too. It relates to the common question “is Bid4papers legit” – the variety of official communication channels suggests that the company cares about its brand.  

Timely Delivery

Our test papers came in the last 3 hours before the deadline. We noticed many complaints on late delivery on Bid4papers Reddit threads. It might be from a couple of hours to days. If you are under a deadline, it can be a problem. Also, note that you can get free revisions, but you often have to wait for your author to do it.  

Extra Features

The company does not provide extra features. You are supposed to discuss all features you need in your assignment with the writer and agree on the price.Reliability

To learn if the service is reliable enough, we’ve examined more users’ reviews and the company’s guarantees. The essential questions are, as always, the performance, the safety, and the payments. 


The Bid4papers company was a bright star several years ago, but now it seems to decline. Numerous Bid4papers reviews mention the low writing quality, spelling and grammar errors, and even plagiarism. 


This service offers standard and obligatory guarantees: free revisions, money-back, and confidentiality. From what we could learn, the Bid4papers company obeys them all. You can get the writer to rework the paper if the first “iteration” does not meet your requirement, and it is free of charge. However, it might also take time before your writer comes to that assignment. 

As for confidentiality and payment security, they are sure. We’ve never heard of any security breaches on Bid4papers. Both your personal and payment details are safe. 


You can get the list of available services on the company’s official website. It is standard: the company offers you all types of essays and research papers, including term papers and dissertations. You can also order case studies, different reviews, and critical thinking papers.

There is also the “Other” category where you can request writing assistance with any assignment that does not fit in the standard types. On the one hand, it means that you can get literally any paper from Bid4papers. On the other hand, you might not get bids if the writers aren’t interested in this assignment. It is a common disappointment with Bid4papers – you may have a tough time finding the writer for a complicated task.  


The bidding system can be helpful due to its flexibility, but it requires too much time and effort from the customer. In the case of Bid4papers service, you might not get the desired quality of papers even after all those examinations. The company has the reputation of being over-expensive. Its writers often neglect the clients’ instructions, and the plagiarism issues are too often in the papers. It is definitely not the best option if you need the job done quickly and safely. We can’t recommend it to anyone. 

Score 11/100

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