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May, 2021 Last Update is a modern service that appears to offer a wide set of possibilities for students. At the same time, only one single option is available indeed. The company offers a database that includes numerous already written papers. You can get to check various essays, papers in humanities, social science, business, and literature articles. Additionally, the service accepts your donations of papers. You can find the “donate” button on the main page. The service offers an unconventional subscription payment system. It also brings privacy policy details for users. Still, it leaves the refund policy unclear for customers. It makes the refund process really problematic.

Overview of

The 123 help me service assures to provide numerous guarantees for customers who use the website. Still, you will not find a clear refund policy or terms of free revisions listed on the website. Mostly, clients should contact customer support for any information. At the same time, the only way to reach the company is to email them. It makes the communication really flawed. Without direct, immediate communication with a support team, it is difficult to get your answers timely. Besides, most advanced companies offer direct communication with an assigned writer. The lack of communication channels badly influences the entire process of cooperation.

Writers Competence

123helpme offers no information about writers. It is simply because there are no writers at all. You cannot check the writers’ profiles once reaching the website. Besides, there is no way to connect the writer directly. You cannot order your paper once paying after checking the writers’ skills. All the papers on the website are prepaid. You need to pay the entire fee to reach the databases to complete your assignment. Additionally, there is no assurance of the good quality of available articles. You can check the list of the essays on the website and use it for your work only. Still, the accessible papers do not approve that company offers first-class content. On the contrary, they demonstrate quite low-quality writing. When you have questions about authors, you can contact the service via email. Still, you can get no answer eventually. Or you will get an answer with no valuable information in general.

Assignments Quality

When checking the quality of completed works at the website, the illustrations section will not impress you. Many essays presented there are of a low quality. Besides, the service offers no guarantees of quality at all. There is no refund policy presented on the website. You deal fully with the service that cannot guarantee anything. Once you decide to order at the web platform, you must pay the full price for an order in advance. Next, you will get access to a database to find ideas for your task. That does not sound fine, for sure. Besides, after you subscribe to the services, you will get no chance to cancel them. Thus, you will not get a chance to make some changes or request another plan. Besides, if checking the quality of revealed illustrations of completed essays, lots of requirements are completely forgotten.

Pricing Policy

The service does not bring any average prices for orders for clients. In fact, you do not get to pay even for a single order at all. Mostly, you pay for a subscription. The reason you should pay some weekly or monthly fee is the particular type of services offered. You will not find any professional writers at this platform to assist you with your school or college projects. Also, you will get no editing and proofreading services. You deal simply with the databases of offered completed papers. Thus, your subscription allows you to reach the databases on the website. You can use them for your paper accomplishment as a case in point mostly.

What About Prices?

The subscription for clients costs a different fee due to the time you want to use the service:

· $39.95 per single week (complete access to the databases at the website)

· $14.95 per month (in case you prepaid for the full year of subscription)

· $19.95 for 3 months (a prepaid option)

· $29.95 for 1 month (to be paid once every 30 days)

Payment Methods

The company does not offer a wide set of payment methods. Mostly, it is expected for clients to use debit and credit cards. You need to fill the payment form with your payment information. Is 123helpme safe to make the payments at the website? The website assures that the payment is provided by the encrypted channels. Still, you should better check other services if you care about your safety.

Discounts & Special Proposals

There are no discounts or special offers for clients. The service offers no clear pricing policy. Every payment method is based on a subscription. If you sign for a full prepaid month of subscription, you will pay less than only for a single month. Still, it is extremely difficult to cancel the subscription after.

Functionality of Service 

The website is not the place for clients who adore advanced design or extra features. This is a simple web platform, where you can find various databases of already completed papers. When you want to use the database, you should pay for a subscription. In such a case, you need to create a 123helpme login and password for your personal account. There, you get a chance to search through the entire collection of provided essays. The service offers no information on guarantees and a refund policy. Moreover, you cannot reach the site representatives via live chat. Only emails can be used for communication. At the same time, you can wait for a reply forever.

First Look Of Website’s Design

The website design is quite simple. Still, you can get confused with the algorithm of search. Besides, there cannot be much information on your topic in the database.


The 123helpme reviews show that the website often lacks information required for numerous college assignments. You cannot use the provided essays to add to your paper. In another case, you will never pass the plagiarism checking test. You can just use the texts for getting some ideas for your articles.

Ordering Process

You do not go through a standard ordering process at the website. You need to create your personal account to start the work. After once subscribed for services, you get access to the database.

H3: The Process of Customer Support

You can reach the service only once using an email. Besides, you can get no or very vague answers in the end. Numerous 123helpme Reddit testimonials show that it is extremely difficult to cancel the subscription. You can write a bunch of emails and get no working solution eventually.

Will I get my paper on time? 

Since this is the platform where you simply access the completed essays, there are no deadlines. Still, you should pay attention to your subscription plan. You have access to the database as long as your subscription allows.

Extra Features

The subscription plan is the main feature that differentiates the company from other online writing services. In fact, this is not a writing service at all. This is the platform that allows you to check already completed essays on a narrow range of topics.


Many users look for the confirmation is 123helpme legit service. Often, they end up with no reassurances at all. If looking for the lists of papers offered at the website, clients pay simply for texts they can find online easily. This type of assistance is opposite from useful. You can check some essays that are divided into a few categories. Still, you cannot order your paper to be performed by an experienced writer. Thus, you get no guarantee of quality.

Even if you subscribe for services, you do not get any original content in the end. You can scroll through the papers presented on the website. Still, you cannot use them in your work. It makes no sense for clients to expect any reliability from the service. You can do better if ordering papers online from expert writers. This is the only way to assure you will get a completely original and flawless essay in the end.


According to numerous 123helpme com reviews, the subscription often brings no desired effect. You simply get access to the database of essays. You cannot use them in your work. Besides, they do not cover a wide variety of topics. You still do the entire work yourself but just struggle eventually with a subscription you cannot cancel.


The service does not provide any guarantees for its clients. You never get a money-back guarantee or free revisions. You also do not get any guarantee of your personal information to not be shared with third parties. The company does not provide actual writing services. You do not order to prepare your writing assignment. You simply pay for using the database of completed essays, theses, dissertations, and research papers offered on the website. No one offers any guarantees of plagiarism-free papers. In fact, once using the papers from the database, you surely risk adding plagiarism to your paper. Thus, you can use the available texts only to come up with your ideas. You do not even get a guarantee of being able to cancel your subscription whenever you want it. Mostly, it is difficult to deal with a subscription in general.

Services Offered

Once you use the service, you pay for access to the database of completed essays, theses, dissertations, and research papers offered. You use the previously written and published essays and other articles available on the website. You will not get the information on who wrote the particular essay or report. Moreover, the available papers cannot be used in your papers directly. You can use some ideas mentioned in the articles only. Mostly, the database is used by clients to learn the way how to prepare a certain type of assignment. Still, lots of articles on the website are of a low-quality. Thus, you will not learn much useful information eventually.


This 123helpme review shows that there are no particular reasons for clients to subscribe to the service. The website offers no useful features for customers. You will not get any original and flawless content. Moreover, you will not even get any guarantees of quality. It is difficult to reach the services’ representatives. Once you subscribe to the service, it is extremely difficult to cancel your subscription. The quality of the papers available on the website is lower than average. You will do yourself much better if you prefer a real online writing service to this unconventional one.

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