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January, 2021 Last Update

The modern pace of life is very attractive and dangerous simultaneously, especially when it comes to students, the young and ambitious generation. If you are in college or university, you probably feel that the whole world belongs to you. And it does until your professor assigns you an academic essay. 

Even if you have good writing talents, this task can be difficult because of different reasons. That’s why writing services, such as Speedypaper, are very popular these days. 

But are they reliable? How you can trust your personal and payment data without knowing all the truth about the company. We’ve prepared a detailed Speedypaper review with all aspects that may interest you. 

Brief Overview of the SpeedyPaper.com

SpeedyPaper is not a well-known company because it is just taking its first steps in the writing services market. Therefore, you will not find as many reviews about it as about other popular services. But we still found some information to share with you.

Although the company claims to be US-based, it is actually located in Eastern Europe. Don’t be too quick to take this fact as proof of mockery because many writing companies do this. They work with students looking for papers in English, and therefore the location in the United States location helps them gain trust.

What really matters is what services they offer and how they interact with clients in difficult situations. Read our review, and you will find all this information!

Who Are Their Authors?

We have ordered a regular 3-page academic essay with the standard requirements to understand whether the Speedypaper’s writers can meet our expectations. We set the 7-days deadline, which is enough to come up with a good article. 

They provide a list of top authors who have a decent education in the best American universities. As stated, these experts are working here 5-7 years, providing students with their services. We’ve really expected much.

However, it wasn’t so good. We have received an essay written in a pretty simple language. We would rather say it was compiled from different sources by a college-level student. The author definitely didn’t analyze the information because some arguments were really weak. And one didn’t provide enough examples to illustrate them. 

We’ve also found some typos and mistakes that are not common for native speakers. The author hasn’t proofread the paper and delivered it as it is. 

How Good Are Their Assignments?

Ordering a paper, you want to save your time and boost academic performance. Most students can come up with a bad paper themselves, so they expect an appropriate result if they’re paying money. 

As you may understand from the previous paragraph, the paper we received wasn’t pretty good. It definitely didn’t cost its money. 

Some sentences simply haven’t the logic, and if we needed to deliver it, we would waste a lot of time rewriting whole paragraphs. 

Pricing Policy Features

The pricing policy is a top priority for many students. When choosing a company, you should focus not only on the quality of securities but also on prices.

Sometimes poor quality can be justified. For example, if the essay is very cheap. You still get some benefits, like saving your time. However, companies with pretty low prices are most likely the scammers because they have no reasons to provide you with quality papers or with papers at all. They just attract more customers and get their money. 


The good news is that Speedypaper prices are pretty transparent. You can easily find this page and plan your budget. For example, if you’re ordering an undergraduate essay that should be ready in 7 days, you’ll pay $17 per page. But if you need a paper in 6 hours, it will cost you more, at about $32. The more difficult assignment is, the higher is the cost. 

They also have an additional fee for completing the task that requires special knowledge. We’ve chosen the computer sciences essay, and we paid $10.20 extra. It is not fair enough because each discipline requires knowledge, skills, and expertise. The authors must be qualified by default. We’ve also paid an additional fee, but the result wasn’t as good as we expected.

Payment Options

They provide customers with several payment options, such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and even Bitcoin. It is very convenient because you can choose the option you like the most. However, there is no PayPal, which is also very popular among students worldwide. 

Available Discounts & Special Offers

If you’re a newbie and want to make your first order, you can benefit from an 11% Speedypaper discount code. Not so much, but it is a nice bonus. And we were really surprised because it is not the only one.

SpeedyPaper has a lot of partners that are ready to provide you with additional discounts. Of course, it is a simple referral program, but why not? For example, you can get 15% for women apparel or up to 30% discounts for ABBYY software. 

You can always see the previous promo codes’ history to understand how this company interacts with its customers.

What about the SpeedyPaper website?

It is the next important aspect to analyze because it shows the company’s attitude. It’s easy to distinguish scammers sometimes since they just don’t care about the functionality.


We can’t say that SpeedyPaper has a stylish website design. It looks just like hundreds of other essay websites. Traditional blue colors that are not too bright and are not too boring the classic landing-page structure, and so on. Maybe they should choose another font type because it is not always readable. Besides, the fonts may differ on different pages that are not the best design decision. 


We haven’t found crucial mistakes with usability. The website is easy to use. It is also easy to find any information you need, from prices to the company’s contact.

Place an Order

If you’re ready to place an order, find a big green Order Now button. You’ll be redirected to the form that consists of 3 main stages.

The first one stands for paper information. You need to provide the type of assignment (essay, presentation, thesis, etc.), your subject, and the topic. It is also important to add some additional details, as well as to upload materials. Indicate the paper format

When you have filled in all the requirements, you can proceed to the next stage and indicate details that mostly affect the price. It goes about:

  • Academic level;
  • Type of work;
  • Deadline;
  • Number of pages;
  • Spacing;
  • Amount of sources.

The last stage is your opportunity to choose the writer’s level and add additional services to your order. You’ll see the final price, so make sure you understand it before submitting an order.

Customer Support Service

Their customer support service is available 24\7, as promised. However, it is easy to explain. They don’t work with real agents and use a bot system. It may be cheap and useful, but it definitely can’t replace people. Especially when it goes about conflict situations when customers need someone to have their back.

Bots can provide answers to popular questions, but they won’t provide you with outstanding customer experience. 

Delivery on Time

It goes without saying that all writing services must deliver their assignments on time. Rare students order papers in advance. Most of them think they handle all tasks and wait until the last week. So, if you have about 3 days before the deadline, it is important to be sure that the company is able to keep one’s promises.

Unfortunately, we had a bad experience with SpeedyPaper and many real customers who say that Speedypaper scam, too. Our deadline was 7 days, and we received the paper in 8 days only. Of course, some students save a couple of days for proofreading, but definitely, not all of them use this approach. So, we can’t recommend you to place the order here if you want to get your paper on time. 


When you’re going to make an order online, it is important to understand whether this particular service is reliable. Can you trust your personal and payment data? Can you wait calmly while your author is writing the paper? Can you not worry about the final result?

There are good companies that build a big and loyal community. They always make sure their customers are satisfied. How can you know that SpeedyPaper is one of them? Learn more about its online reputation and guarantees. 

Online Reputation

If you have some doubts about the company, you can check its online reputation. Modern people leave a lot of reviews online about everything they deal with. However, you should be careful, because it is not common for people to write about something good. If you open the website and see a lot of positive comments to rate Speedypaper, they may be unreal.

On the contrary, people write bad things much more often. And you can easily find negative reviews. Read them to understand what the problem is. For example, SpeedyPaper’s customers wrote: “These people are so unethical,” “Extremely terrible customer service,” “Do not waste your money.” As we have seen, the company doesn’t work with negative feedback. 


You shouldn’t work with the company that doesn’t provide you with any guarantees. It is important to understand what they promise and what you should expect of them. Though, it doesn’t mean they stick to their own words.

So, what does the SpeedyPaper guarantee?

  • 24\7 Support. It is useful because students can get help regardless of their timezone. However, it would be better if they provide you with real live assistance, people who can understand your question, and answer it without a script.
  • Free Revisions. As we have received the poor paper, we applied for a free revision. They accepted it but didn’t correct all the mistakes. Pay attention to this aspect because you need to plan your time. If you place your order here, make sure you have a couple of days for proofreading.
  • On-time delivery. This guarantee sounds good, but we’ve received our paper with a delay. They didn’t apologize or offered us some kind of compensation. So, if your terms are limited, it is better to choose another service.
  • 100% Speedypaper plagiarism Free. We should say that our paper was unique. It is good because you just can’t deliver an essay with plagiarism. If they did not adhere to this guarantee, it would be a pretext for further investigation because plagiarism is considered an academic crime.
  • High-quality paper. Apparently, everyone has a different understanding of quality. In addition, each author also has his own vision. We are sure that some of the writers who work with this company are really talented. We’re out of luck.
  • Individual approach to each customer. SpeedyPaper has an additional fee even for the discipline you choose. Maybe they can provide you with an individual approach if you pay a lot. For example, you can pay +45% and get the top author. Why are not all of their writers top?

List of Services

SpeedyPaper.com provides students with various range of services, such as writing, paraphrasing and rewriting, grading and marking, editing, and proofreading.

They work with all disciplines typical for U.S. students, but they have an additional fee for it as we’ve already mentioned. 

Speaking about free services, you should take a look at their blog. It contains many interesting articles that may make your student life easier. 


Honestly, SpeedyPaper is not our favorite company. They may have some features, but they are not enough to be advantages. 

The overall score is 35 out of 100. Is Speedypaper legit? Probably yes. But they should work a lot to become a good writing service. 

Trust Your Tasks to Best Essay Company

Writing services are really popular these days. Modern students value their time, so they’re looking for additional opportunities to simplify life. Of course, there may be scammers, some untrustworthy services, unqualified authors.

That’s why we have compiled a list of the best companies for you. They have their advantages, features, interesting offers, etc. Take a look and choose the best one that suits you best!

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