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January, 2021 Last Update

Are you looking for a decent writing service? We can feel your pain. There are a lot of companies today, and the choice is not the simplest task. That’s why we want to provide you with an article about MyAssignmentHelp, one of the oldest writing companies. Is it as good as they promise? Let’s see!

MyAssignmentHelp.com Overview

The first thing we did for this Myassignmenthelp review was to look at the company’s website. The official page allows you to understand a lot about how they position themselves and what they offer to students.

So now we know that MyAssignmenthelp has been running for 13 years. They have a solid customer base and a lot of testimonials. Although physically based in Australia, the company provides services to English-speaking students from various countries. If you are studying at a college or university in the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, etc., you can ask for help.

Professionalism of Writers

We have placed an order on the MyAssignmentHelp website to get the most honest opinion on the quality of their work and to understand is Myassignmenthelp legit.

The writing team is the first thing to consider when choosing a writing service. A specific person will write your paper, and your result depends on the qualifications, experience, efforts of one.

The company says its team consists of over 5,000 academic authors who hold doctorates in a variety of disciplines. They have also been working with students for a long time, and therefore are familiar with all the popular formatting styles and links. You can see samples of papers on the website.

However, we cannot say that we are satisfied with the work of the authors. Of course, every one of the 4,000 writers cannot be a professional (although they promise it). But by paying money for the service, we expect to get a paper written by an experienced writer. We received a rather amateurish text. It cannot be called outright bad, but professional too.

Quality of Assignments

As you might have guessed, the quality of the paper we ordered is unsatisfactory. Obviously, the author is not very well versed in the topic. And he did not study several sources in order to cover the topic from different angles. This made the arguments very weak and superficial.

Further, although the paper did not contain plagiarism, the author did not bother to proofread it. We found some silly typos that do not affect the text’s meaning but indicate inattention and an insufficiently professional approach.

In some parts of the text, the structure was broken. The author would begin to describe the argument, then move on to an example, then return to the thesis again, paraphrasing it in other words. We didn’t feel the overall logical concept. If it was a real assignment, a good grade would be impossible. 


We believe that student writing services should be affordable. On the one hand, they shouldn’t be free because you get a lot of benefits, for example, saving your time. Someone does the assignment for you using their resources. This must, of course, be paid. Plus, a very cheap offer often indicates fraud.

But this does not mean that paper has to be very expensive. Most of the students are unemployed or part-time. What can we say about Myassignmenthelp prices?


Actually, we can’t say anything. Their system is extremely inconvenient because they did not take care of a page that would provide complete information on prices. To find out how much your order will cost, you need to fill out a form with basic requirements and indicate your contacts. Only after that will you be contacted by a consultant who will answer your questions.

Thus, you will not receive any information about the exact price at the preliminary stage. And this is not fair. They can change prices for each client and set completely meaningless costs. Sometimes it is better to pay more, but you know for sure the order’s entire budget.

Payment Options

They accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and AMEX. Most students will be satisfied with these options because they’re popular enough. 

Discounts & Special Offers

It is hard to speak about discounts when you even don’t know how much your assignment will cost. People like the word “discount” itself because everyone wants to save money even if it is just an illusion.

MyAssignmenthelp has a banner promising a $20 Bonus + $25$ off. It looks really attractive, but it follows you to the order page again, and you still don’t know how much you should pay. 


Websites’ functionality is important because it says a lot about the approach the company is taking.

If they are concerned about a user-friendly website, quality content, then they probably care about customers and want to provide them with the best experience. People don’t always choose a company based solely on rational reasons. A beautiful picture, of course, is also not the main factor, but, without a doubt, it has an impact on our decisions.

Website’s Design

MyAssignmentHelp has an outdated design, and this is noticeable in various elements of the site. Of course, they’ve been in business for 13 years, and it’s possible that their website hasn’t changed all this time.

Surprisingly, they didn’t choose blue as their primary color, as most other writing companies do. We don’t know if orange is really the best choice, but it definitely makes this company stand out from the crowd.


Even though the website offers many different menus with information for students, sometimes you have to spend a lot of time looking for something. For example, you will never find a pricing page.

Most of the pages on this site take a very long time to load, and you have to wait until you open them. The type of font also cannot be called the best choice, because sometimes it is too conspicuous, and sometimes it remains invisible.

Obviously, the company has put a lot of emphasis on its benefits. They constantly call for action and invite you to place an order. The really useful content goes unnoticed.

Ordering Process

Most writing companies have the same order form, which contains all the fields for entering the required information.

However, MyAssignmentHelp decided to stand out. And this is really inconvenient. All you have to provide by clicking the Order Now button is:

  • email;
  • discipline;
  • deadline;
  • the number of pages.

They also offer a small field with a description of the order and the ability to upload files.

After filling out the form, you click on the Free Assistance button. They immediately assign a number to your order and only now give you the opportunity to provide additional information, such as study level and reference style. If you want to know the cost of order fulfillment, you need to chat with their manager. They also want you to provide your cell phone.

Customer Support

We wouldn’t be surprised if this company dropped customer support to show off their originality. However, they didn’t do it. But this does not mean that this service works well.

If you read the reviews about MyAssignmentHelp, you will see that most customers express their dissatisfaction. We are ready to share their opinion. Managers answer for a long time and do not always provide exactly the information you expect. If there are conflict situations, they may just ignore you.

The good news is that customer support is available 24\7. Maybe it’s quality depends on the particular manager. Or they’re ready to help you when you’re going to place an order, and they need your money.

Timely Delivery

This aspect is extremely important because you can’t deliver the papers to the professor when you want it. Each assignment has it’s deadlines, and you should follow them all, even if you have a lot of tasks from different professors. And even if you have a lot of work, it can’t be used as an excuse.

We ordered a paper and mentioned that the deadline is in 3 days. They delivered a paper in 4 days and didn’t even explain it. We haven’t received a message with notification about the delay as well. It is very bad because we’d have failed the professor’s assignment if it was a real order. 

Extra Features

Speaking of additional features, it’s worth mentioning that there is a Myassignmenthelp plagiarism checker.

You might think it’s free because they don’t warn you about the cost. But when you copy your text into their field and click “Check,” they redirect you to a page with additional services, you can pay for them.

You can order a check for plagiarism, paraphrasing, proofreading. It’s worth mentioning that these services are included in the “free” tools section.

Do they have something for free? Sure! You can use a calculator or a word counter. Of course, this is ridiculous, because all students can use such tools on their computer. They don’t offer anything really useful for free.


Choosing a writing company isn’t always easy. They all claim that their services are the very best. They all promise high-quality papers, no plagiarism, and other benefits for students.

However, such promises are often an attraction for students who need help and support. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the company you choose is reliable. How to do it?

You can chat with fellow students who use these services and can share their recommendations. But if you don’t want someone to know that you are planning to order paper, you can simply read our reviews. We analyze all popular writing companies to provide you with an honest opinion. You do not need to search for information on your own, and you save a lot of time.


The company’s online reputation speaks volumes.

People tend to share their opinions when they have had outstanding positive or negative experiences. The MyAssignmentHelp company encourages leaving reviews because it offers a discount when you share your opinion when you checkout. But, as you might guess, you won’t find negative comments on the website.

That’s why it’s important to explore different review platforms where people don’t have to worry about their comments being deleted. For example, you can type in Google something like “myassignmenthelp Reddit” to find the discussion.

If you read reviews about MyAssignmentHelp, you’ll see that people are writing “They really need to change some things”, “This company is a fraud. They’ll take your money but won’t do anything for you.”, “I also tried this site. They completed the order but the order was written with poor English.”, “Myassignmenthelp fake, don’t trust them”.

There are some positive reviews, as well. People write that prices are affordable; maybe they’ve received a good offer via email. Some of them liked their papers. It’s good because you can know that it is not a real scam. But do you want to be one of them who leaves bad reviews?


Looking for a company, check their guarantees. You need to know whether your expectations have something in common with their services.

MyAssignmentHelp offers:

  • On-time delivery;
  • Round-of-clock live help;
  • Plagiarism free papers;
  • Services for all disciplines;
  • Best price guarantee.

What does that mean for you? If you’ve received a paper that doesn’t meet all these requirements, you can claim and get free revisions or even your money back. However, be careful, because most companies have strict terms to apply, and they’re trying to delay the whole process as much as possible. 


MyAssignmentHelp deals with various student assignments in different disciplines. You can order management help, nursing help, science assignment help, and so on.

The most popular writing services are, of course, essays. If you need a paper on humanities, law, management, nursing, or other disciplines, they promise to help you. 

You can also order a dissertation writing, programming assignment, case study, research paper, help with homework, etc. The list of services is really very bright. That’s why they have 5000+ authors. It seems there is no task they can’t handle. But there is still a question about its quality. 


We can’t recommend MyAssignmentHelp if you value your time and academic performance. Most likely, they will provide you with the basic C-level paper, but you can’t expect something more. If you like this company and are ready to take risks, make sure you have some days for proofreading. 

Trust Your Tasks to Best Essay Company

Though there are a lot of companies that promise a lot but do nothing, there are outstanding writing services as well. Services, where you can place your order without any doubts and get it on time. If you need an author who can provide you with a flawless paper, you should ask us. On this page, you’ll find a list of the best essay Myassignmenthelp alternative companies that are always available to have your back. Enjoy your customer experience with us!

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