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January, 2021 Last Update

We wanted to write an Essaytyper review for many reasons, but the main one is that this website is completely different from the rest. Instead of selling papers of different complexity, it helps you to write your essay. However, you should know that the text is borrowed from Wikipedia, so the task is never original. Being accused of plagiarism is one of the most serious academic charges, so you should think in advance whether it is worth risking.

But before you make up your mind, let us tell you more about EssayTyper and how this website works.

Professionalism of Writers

As you understand, there are no writers at EssayTyper. The website is completely automated, and you only cooperate with the system, not the people. On the one hand, it is great because there are no delays, misunderstandings, or rude people. But on the other hand, there is a big risk of plagiarized content, and there won’t be anyone to fix the mistakes.

Quality of Assignments

Essaytyper plagiarism is a well-known drawback. Actually, it is the main reason why we think that this website can’t be used. However, to tell you more about the service, we tried to create an essay on our own. And the result was rather poor.

The quality of content significantly depends on the results you expect to obtain and the complexity of your order. If you experience writer’s block and just want to boost imagination, this may be a good starting point. But for an important assignment with research, EssayTyper is definitely not the option.

We have created an essay, but it contained numerous mistakes, and it was obvious that the content was taken from a single source. Moreover, the source was poor and couldn’t be used for an academic paper.


As you already know, EssayTyper is a free tool, so there are no prices, discounts, or payment methods involved. Even though developers are quite noble to create a free tool, you shouldn’t expect a decent assignment. In the end, everything of good quality requires spending some money.

Considering that this website is free, you shouldn’t expect to choose a particular academic level, writer, or deadline. Besides, the majority of processes you’ll need to complete on your own. If you don’t know where to start or what the future essay should look like, this service may be a good starting point.

However, students who need quality content and are looking for a way to save time should turn to professional essay services. For a reasonable fee, they will get a great paper without participating in the process. With EssayTyper you’ll have to rewrite the text and to make sure that it doesn’t contain any plagiarism.


Functionality has always been an important part of any writing service because it allows placing an order simply and conveniently. Below we will discuss the main aspects of EssayTyper in terms of design, usability, and writing process.

Website’s Design

Considering that this website is free to use, you shouldn’t expect to see a top-notch and modern website. Actually, everything is quite the opposite. A plain wooden background with a simple window where you type in the request. However, the colors are light and simple, so they won’t distract you from the writing process.


It is quite easy to use EssayTyper even if you have never done it before. There is only one window for inputting information, so you won’t confuse anything. However, simple usability means that there are no customization features, and you’ll have to be content with little.

There is only one button where you can read a brief description and contact the author via twitter. However, he never responds. Essaytyper mobile version is rather poor because it is not adjusted to the browser, and it is almost impossible to create a paper on your smartphone.

Ordering Process

So how does essaytyper work? Some students can’t understand how it is possible to get a free essay? Let us discuss the process in the slightest details. Let’s start with the fact that the process is quite simple and straightforward.

First of all, you should head to EssayTyper’s homepage. In its middle, you’ll see a bar where you should type in the requested topic. Unfortunately, the list of supported topics is quite limited, and the system operates only with the most common ones. We tried to insert a complex topic, but the system paraphrased it and offered a common one.

When the topic is chosen, you are redirected to an online document with appearing words. Press the keys, and you’ll see appearing text taken from Wikipedia. At first, we were very happy to see that buttons on the panel that customize and format text, but it turned out that the controls are fake. In addition, you can’t download the document and will have to type everything on your own if you decide to use the one provided by EssayTyper.

Customer Support

As any free tool, EssayTyper can’t boast additional services, including customer support. When pressing the About button, you can see a link to their Twitter, but you will hardly get any response. However, it is quite fair because no one will answer numerous questions and comments for free.

That is why, when turning to EssayTyper, be ready to remain one-on-one with the assignment. In addition, essaytyper free tool doesn’t offer any additional features or options: only the writing itself. On the other hand, you don’t need to worry about missing deadlines.


Reliability is one of the key features when it comes to a writing service because no one wants to invest their time and money to realize that they were fooled. Below we’ll discuss EssayTyper in terms of reliability and reputation.


You may often notice such requests as ‘essaytyper not working’ or ‘there is no next on the screen’. Unfortunately, as any free tool, it has serious problems with the software, and numerous online comments confirm that students do not always have a chance to get a paper.

Fortunately, there are many reviews on the Internet, and we got a chance to see what other students think about EssayTyper. Some say that it is a great place to boost productivity and to find basic information. But they agree that it can’t be called a writing service because you should do everything on your own, including typing the data anew.

However, those who need a serious and advanced paper confirm that EssayTyper is too weak. The data is too general, and you shouldn’t expect anything academic. Besides, the papers are all plagiarized, so some students say that they were in big trouble when using this website.


Even in the times when essaytyper is unblocked, it operates not the way you may expect. And there are absolutely no guarantees that you can count on. No matter how hard we tried to scan the website, there are no pages and terms with indicated guarantees. Thus, when you use EssayTyper, be ready to face plagiarism, poor content, lack of editing, and of course, typos. But that is not news considering that the website is free.


There is no diversity when it comes to services. EssayTyper is mainly a source to fight the writers’ block and get started and not get a dissertation or coursework. The only service you will get is a written essay on a common topic.

When typing in the subject request, you will be offered one of the variants. However, be ready to get only a list of the most common topics. We tried several variations, and the system returns to the same general high school subjects. It seems that they don’t want to bother themselves with complex topics. But, as you understand, free services don’t own us anything and can operate the way they want.


It sounds rather appealing to create an assignment for free. That is why EssayTyper is so popular among students. However, they forget about plagiarism, an important drawback that this service has. There are no writers, and the content is taken from Wikipedia, which means that if your tutor decides to check the paper on plagiarism software, he’ll definitely find numerous matches.

The only safe way to use EssayTyper is to rewrite the content on your own. That is why we don’t recommend this website and are sure that it is better to pay a certain fee but to get an original assignment.

Trust Your Tasks to Best Essay Company

If you value originality and want the created paper’s content to be top-notch, EssayTyper is definitely not the right place to be. On our platform, you can find many experienced companies with positive reviews. They all serve to make your life better and can be trusted. Pick one of them, place an order, and get a great assignment that may change your life.

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