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January, 2021 Last Update

Today we want to talk about the company, which has been actively working on creating student works for many years. During the research, we noticed that the site was created to help students who do not have time to cope with essays, dissertations, referees, etc. In the end, it did not meet our expectations. But first things first.

An Honest Review of

At the very beginning, when the first services for writing student papers, EssayShark, were beginning to appear, it was one of the hurries. During this time, the team collected many clients because they assisted at a good level compared to other services.

The management noticed how rapidly they were developing and devoted all their attention to marketing to find even more customers and increase income. Everything called for the fact that managers paid less attention to customer desires and issued poor quality orders. They set a goal for themselves to grow from a quality company into a dimensionless wallet with money. As a result, they completely forgot about qualifications and violated several rules that were issued to students.

Yes, they could increase their client base, but their services’ quality decreased because the writers were too busy with work. After all, the team worked at a very fast pace. Because of this, the staff did not increase but only decreased. Instead of focusing on the task, they thought about how to issue the order quickly. This is the main mistake of EssayShark.

Judging from the reviews, clients were not happy with the work of writers. All for a reason, freelancers work who do not go through a rigorous selection and do not know academic writing. Now let’s talk about how the service is arranged in terms of price, the writer’s professional level, delivery of the order, etc.

How Writers Work

Today, EssayShark has over a thousand writers who can use their accounts to take student work orders. When the company started its journey, it actively collaborated with local writers who spoke good academic English. As the number of clients grew, site managers began to hire writers from different countries. At the moment, Essayshark writers are Russian people who do not speak English well.

The team needs to earn as much money as possible, and they prefer to choose writers who do not need to pay much. It is the Russian people who are the best option for them. And the native authors could not stand such a schedule and began to cooperate with other online companies. Accordingly, you pay a lot of money for the work, and your writer receives a tiny percentage from him.

Essayshark’s recruitment system is poorly configured, and thus anyone can become a writer, no matter which country. It is worthwhile to conclude that for sure, there is simply no one to cope with a scientific task because only a professional native speaker can not make grammatical and linguistic mistakes. Of course, foreign writers find it challenging to master the English language, and writing in a scientific style is even more challenging. If you look at one of the writers’ examples, you can immediately see many grammatical, punctuation, and stylistic mistakes. Also, they do not even take into account the student’s instructions. It will be bad not only for the student but also for the writer himself, and his rating will go down for giving a poor quality paper.

What is EssayShark? By deception, a company issues low-quality orders, claiming that they only work with professional writers. It is worth concluding that we do not recommend that you turn to their writers for help and choose a more reliable service since you run the risk of getting low-quality paper.

Paper Quality at

The company guarantees all students that they receive a quality paper without plagiarism. They also assure that they pay a lot of attention to finding the necessary information and will make sure that you do not find similar materials. The sentences are very colorfully written, but in action, everything is completely different.

Every day, students complain that their work is one continuous plagiarism. This can be seen in the reviews. When a student made a rush order, they were the ones with the most complaints. And the problem is that cooperates with Russian writers in most cases. They, in turn, because of their poor knowledge of academic English, instead of using creative writing and creative thinking, take information from open Internet resources. This is because plagiarism is not a violation for Russian writers; it is permissible in their country.

Accordingly, they have no idea what plagiarism is in general and do not give out high-quality content. There are no editors in the team, and the whole process is supervised only by writers who do not even send the text for Anti-Plagiarism check, as, for example, CopySpace, Turnitin does. For such serious mistakes, managers say, many writers were fined and expelled from the team.

There were cases when a student sent the text for additional editing, and the writer had no idea what was the reason for the need to redo. And the only reason was that plagiarism overwhelmed the article. We concluded that writers are not taught and do not contribute to their development. Avoid risks, and do not partner with the company.

Site Pricing Policy

The site has a system where you can bargain for the cost of work. You are given complete freedom about the price, and you have the right to choose what you need. But standard Essayshark prices are much higher than the market as a whole. We researched and noticed that a five-page essay would cost at least $ 120. Such prices were quoted by writers for their work, someone higher, but not lower than the indicated amount.

Paper Payment Options

With the payment system, everything is much better because you have various methods to choose from, ranging from credit cards to Internet payment systems: PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill. In how it is convenient for you to pay for the paper, there is no problem with this. But the risk is that due to a large number of payment methods, your data is not safe.

The site’s payment system is not reliable, just like your credit card details can also be disclosed to unauthorized persons. The fact is that they see your data and, accordingly, can steal money from the card. We did not find they have a data encryption system. That is, even the most ordinary employee, if he wants to, can see all your data, not to mention the administrators who at any time can see how the payment was made or how much money was on the card. It should be concluded that all payments are at risk, no matter how many payment methods they provide. And students consider Essayshark a scam.

Discounts and Advantageous Offers of the Company

For the service to be used by as many customers as possible, they provided a discount system. But not everyone can get it, only under the following conditions. The discount system is available to new customers or those who often use their services and those who have placed many orders at one time. At first glance, their offers may seem very beneficial to you. However, we know it is not safe.

Some clients claim that it was because of the discounts that they suffered because money was debited from their card twice for one single service. Is EssayShark good? No, they charge you a double payment. It is not clear what for. Accordingly, such a tempting discount may not be the best offer for you. Even if you contact the support service, they will not help you because they are not responsible for this.

We also reviewed the bonus system on their website. With any order, 10% of the amount can be credited to the bonus account, and, if necessary, they can pay for another order. You can accumulate bonuses for a long time, and only you can decide when they can be used. Bonuses are available to absolutely everyone, regardless of whether you are regular customers or a newcomer. But in reality, bonuses are harder to get than they describe. After all, for a 10% bonus, you need to be a user for at least a year or make large orders. For this reason, they are not honest with each client. There is no need to place orders because there are discounts and bonuses here because they are obtained strangely.

Usability of the Site

In terms of design and functionality, EssayShark is easy to use. A lot of information is written on the main page, which is quite challenging to re-read everything. Still, they provided for this option and created an interface with different pages for each client. Modern students of the school, college, university have been using a computer for a long time, and it will not be difficult for them to navigate the site.

Design by

The company has four interfaces: for the academic writer, for the administrator, for the support team, and directly for the client. They are all the same in color, logo, and usage. But the interface information differs depending on who it is intended for. But they are all connected and supplement the data.

The writer’s interface is created only for him, and there he can view orders, mark them as an example for work or completion. The privacy policy and terms are the same for everyone.

For the client interface, the team also developed this set of data that only he needs. Here the author can set a price for the work, and the client can view and choose the best writer in his opinion.

The support team also developed their interface, where they have access to ads and clients’ pages and can offer help with the help of messages. For the support service, they have also developed a hotline on which the student can call.

The administrator’s interface is designed to manage the site, and only administrators have access to it. They make sure that writers adhere to the rules and punish them if they break. They are also responsible for the marketing and make sure that as many customers as possible contact them.


The site provides an easy way to order and consists of the following steps:

  1. The first step is to fill in the order page. But before you place an order, you need to log in to your account. So, of course, you need to register. You do not need a lot of effort during registration. Just specify the necessary information that is requested. Once you have completed this step, you will have a “place an order” button. Clicking on it, a window pops up where you need to specify information about the project. You will also be asked for an email address. Once you have entered the order information, you need to select when you want to get the job. You are also allowed to download files with instructions or other necessary information for the writer.
  2. The second step is to choose a writer and top up your account on the site. Depending on what task you have, you will receive suggestions from writers who are experts in your science. They can post different prices for the document, and your job is to choose the best one. I also recommend looking at the writer’s ratings and reviews before you start collaborating.
  3. The third step is you have to take the job and evaluate it. In due time, the writer will make the text and send it to you for review. But it is also worth noting that you can monitor how the work is progressing during the execution process and, if necessary, specify additional wishes via chat. The payment system is designed so that you need to pay before you start work. And we think it’s hazardous because if you are unhappy with the paper, no one will refund your money.

Support Service

The site is actively working 24/7 to answer the customers’ concerns at any time. The site provides a phone number on which students can call and request the necessary information and an online chat, where you can also find out what is most interesting about the service. It is normal for a client to want to connect with site managers and writers. Of course, the communication system is relatively good, but there were cases when the support team behaved incompetently.

The support does not work quickly and with delays. Due to many requests, they do not have time to answer all the questions, and students, in turn, stop contacting them and prefer another site. But if you want to wait, it will take a very long time before answering the question. If you need to place an early order, you will most likely not have time to receive it because they will not consider your application. There were times when the order was delivered at the wrong time due to the overloaded writer.

Company Reputation and Guarantees

Based on customer feedback, we have come to believe that has a very low reputation. When we looked at the comments, we saw that most of the students were dissatisfied with this site’s writers’ work. The support team also received complaints that the paper was one bad plagiarism, there were many errors, and they did not get the necessary help. Accordingly, there are many more bad reviews than positive ones; only a small part of the students received high-quality paper.

Although there is a refund from the company, it is far from ideal. Remember, you have to pay if you have checked the text, and it suits you, but not at the moment when you just received the text, because by sending funds to the writer, you can forget about them forever, they will never return to you. You can contact the support service and try to influence the situation, but based on the customers’ experience, and you will not be heard. You will provide information on the refund policy.

Conclusion on the Work of the Company

Based on research by the site deserves a 7/100 rating. The service is one of the worst sites for providing academic writing assistance. It has only a few advantages, but still more lacks. At first glance, it’s good when you can choose a writer yourself, and even at a bargain price. But if you do not know anything about him, he will most likely receive a poor quality paper about his work experience.

Instead, we advise you to turn to trusted companies. You may find them in our reviews. They do guarantee good quality backing, and the author won’t get paid until you are delighted with the assignment.

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