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January, 2021 Last Update

Among many academic writing agencies, two approaches prevail. The first one is a prepaid model where the customer purchases the service, and the agency chooses the writer. The second one is a bidding system where customers and authors meet on a dedicated platform. The user selects the writer for the job. Here, we focus on one of the “bidding” companies – Essaypro. We did thorough research to evaluate this company in all aspects. Here, we offer you our findings. Overview

Essaypro is one of the most famous writing companies. It’s been in this business for more than ten years. Thus, it should offer good services. Otherwise, the company would not stay among the leaders. On the other hand, we saw lots of examples of companies in prime some years ago that declined later. Is it the case with Essaypro?

If you search for information about this company on the Web, you’ll see lots of requests like “Essaypro real or fake.” It seems that the company’s reputation is not so strong as it was. So, let’s dig deeper and learn about the service more. 

This writing company works according to the bidding model. Many users prefer it because it gives them more control over the situation. In fact, a bidding model can be beneficial, provided the company really has the most experienced and skilled writers working on it. As we saw while testing this service, it is often not the case. 

Writers’ Qualifications

The authors who are working for the writing company are the essential quality factor. This aspect was in our focus. Checking lots of online reviews about this company, we often noticed the Essaypro scam complaints. It looked like the company, despite all promises, was unable to present high-quality results. 

One of the most worrying factors is the absence of reliable information about Essaypro writers. The company claims that it cares about the professionalism of their employees. They describe the tests that candidates have to pass to join the company, and state that they monitor the writers’ performance.  

To test this, we’ve placed a couple of orders for more or less standard tasks – one essay in biology and one research paper in English literature. We wanted to see the average level of the Essaypro writers. After checking several bids, we chose the writers who had the best experience and rankings, as was stated in their profiles.  

The results we got were, unfortunately, inferior. Though the papers were standard, and we added detailed instructions on what we needed to get, it seemed that the writers ignored our remarks completely. The structures were weak, the logical connections weren’t evident, and the papers had too many errors. It could never be the work of a person with a native English language. In our previous investigations, we had some examples from the ESL professionals who presented excellent papers. But it was not such with Essaypro – its writers don’t possess either knowledge of English or knowledge of the subject. 

Moreover, the papers weren’t original. Despite the statements about writing from scratch and checking each piece for plagiarism, the samples we got were plagiarized. We evaluated these works poorly, but our low marks did not impact the authors’ rankings. Is Essaypro cheating? Yes, without a doubt. They are cheating, telling about their writers’ competence and work ethics. We consider it is enough to stay away from the company.

Quality of Assignments

The quality of work is the direct consequence of the writers’ qualifications. Many dozens of Essaypro reviews tell about the low papers the customers receive for their orders. However, there are positive reviews as well. You may be lucky to meet a decent writer. Then you can get decent-quality papers and continue to collaborate with that author. Unfortunately, the average level of Essaypro performance is quite low. 

In terms of the texts’ quality, there are two main problems: 

  1. The lack of expertise on the subject and academic writing. Our essay did not match the required structures at all. While we defined that it had to be a “five-paragraph essay,” the writer made more paragraphs, chopping the statements and arguments and breaking the logical connections. The text did not contain any original ideas implying in-depth knowledge of the topic either. It was shallow and weak writing that would never bring you high grades. 
  2. Plagiarism. The company claims that they have their plagiarism checker and use it for all papers. We can’t say anything for that checker, as we know nothing about it, and we could not test it ourselves. The only thing we can say is that that plagiarism checker is far lower in quality than the academic solutions like Turnitin. 

The reason might be choosing low-cost writers. When you deal with bidding services, low prices always mean low quality of work. However, more expensive variants would cost much more than you’d pay for the same task in other companies. Is it reasonable to pay twice more for an average assignment? We don’t think so. 

Essaypro states that you can request examples of the writers’ works before making the agreement. Indeed, you can. We tried and got several perfect samples. Unfortunately, the results we got from the same writer were nothing close. It is one more case of Essaypro cheating. 

Our verdict about the quality is simple: you can’t get decent quality for reasonable money. 


When you deal with bidding-based services, the main problem is the absence of regular pricing. Essaypro is not an exclusion. 


After placing your order, you’ll get the authors’ bids for the work. The minimum Essaypro price is $11 per page for the two-weeks deadline. If you shorten the timeframe, the price increases. However, it does not mean you’ll get these rates. These are the minimum amounts, and the papers’ quality would most likely be awful for those prices. Prepare to pay at least twice as much to get a piece you can submit for evaluation in order not to fail the assignment at all.  

Payment Options

You can use cards of the major systems – Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover. Essaypro does not support PayPal, which is really inconvenient for many students. The good news is that you have control over the payment and can withdraw it from the account if the result does not suit you. 

Discounts & Special Offers

Bidding systems don’t offer discounts, as a rule. The service owners tell you to negotiate the price with the author or choose the bid to match your budget. However, the writer might not agree to reduce the cost, and the “cheaper” options would, most likely, bring you lower results.

The bidding model is often promoted as the opportunity to get the most beneficial conditions. In reality, it is often the most expensive variant.


Such writing services as Essaypro are online, and all operations are on the Web. It is vital to ensure a pleasant user experience. Thus, we’ve examined the official website of the company.  

Website’s Design & Usability

It might be a temporary problem, but the current Essaypro website looks problematic. For instance, you won’t find any information in the “Our Team” section. It should be there, perhaps, but it shows an empty page for now. The pages’ layouts aren’t neat – there are large empty fragments in design. The “Services” section provides a very limited list of services, and you won’t find a decent description of any. If a website represents the company, it seems that Essaypro does not care about that representation.  

Ordering Process

Before placing an order, you have to register on the website. The process is similar to all other services – describe the task, add instructions, and publish it. After that, you will get the writers’ bids and choose the author for the assignment.

Customer Support

Essaypro allows you to communicate directly with the writers. You can also use the online chat to contact the support managers. However, it many cases, you have to wait long for the response. There is no phone number, either. If you search for information on the Web, for instance, on the Essaypro Reddit threads, you’ll see lots of similar complaints. 

Timely Delivery

As many Essaypro reviews confirm, in most cases, you get the papers on-time. However, sometimes there are late deliveries – it depends on the particular writer. The most problematic is that you often can’t get updates from the writer. You may send messages, but the writers often ignore them. 


Though we tested the service ourselves, we understand that our particular case is not enough to make conclusions. That’s why we examined more Essaypro reviews on the Web. 


Is Essaypro legit? The company works on legal grounds. It does not steal the customers’ money or other details. In this aspect, you may no worry. It is the quality of services that is often problematic. The company’s reputation is relatively low at the moment.


Essaypro guarantees free revisions of papers and a full money-back guarantee. You prepay the work, but the money remains locked on the account. You release it if you approve the delivered paper. Until then, you can withdraw your money at any moment. However, if you pay, you can’t revert it.


There are three types of services: writing, rewriting, and editing. The list of writing services is relatively modest. It offers you essays, research papers, term papers, and dissertations. However, the bidding system implies that you can order any paper. The Essaypro service claims that their writers’ team includes specialists to cope with any assignment. Unfortunately, it does not guarantee that you get a suitable bid for that order within the appropriate timeframe. 


Essaypro is obviously not the best writing service. We won’t recommend it to anyone. Getting a decent quality that might satisfy standard requirements would cost you too much. Otherwise, you risk getting poor, plagiarized papers. 

Score: 31/100

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