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May, 2021 Last Update

Independent work is an important component of training highly qualified specialists in higher education institutions. An important area of ​​such work is the writing of various student papers, which contain scientifically substantiated theoretical and practical results.

Successful writing of papers depends on strict adherence to the basic requirements. These requirements relate, first of all, to the scientific level, independence, and quality of work, its novelty, theoretical and practical significance, content, structure, form of presentation of material, protection of formulated provisions and conclusions, as well as the design. Adherence of higher education students to all the requirements for paper execution promotes the development of a proper style of work, cultivates self-demand, instills skills in research, etc.

But often, the lack of time, the complexity of the topic, or other important problems do not allow the student to cope with writing the paper on time and follow its correct design. Then he/she resorts to seeking help from professional writers working online. Today there are many online services where you can get high-quality, reliable, and fast assistance. But in this article, it seems appropriate to tell you more about edubirdie, describe its services, and conclude whether it is worth contacting there at all. General Review is an online service that provides services in writing student papers. Today it is not popular among students, and there are several reasons for this, including inflated prices, low quality of work performed, violation of the terms of cooperation, the use of plagiarism, etc. Edubirdie reviews confirm that the overall site ranking can be estimated at 33% out of 100%, which is very low. Therefore, clients who turn there for help should be especially careful as there is a possibility of being deceived. Everyone can get caught using EduBirdie.

Writers’ Professionalism Level

If we are talking about specialists who work on edubirdie reddit service, then it is important to note that they are not professionals in their field. Reliable companies usually approach responsibly to the choice of employees, but on this site, everything is different. People without special education work there, which allows concluding that the quality of the services provided is low.

As practice shows, platform writers rarely fulfill the established requirements of the client. Often they do not pay attention to the methodological recommendations that must be followed.

The deadlines for the delivery of completed papers should be especially noted. It is important for every student to receive a completed assignment on time, but by contacting, you run the risk of being scammed. Delays are common on this platform. The specialists of this site consider this to be the norm and constantly find some arguments in their defense. But this is wrong. Trustworthy writers don’t do that.

Quality of Completed Papers

The high quality of each completed paper is what students hope to get as a result of cooperation with an online company. But cannot provide this. Quality papers are executed by reliable professionals who really want to help students, try to comply with the requirements for writing and formatting, correctly draw up borrowed text fragments, and achieve high uniqueness of the text in each case. But the writers of the service work only for the sake of money. It doesn’t matter for them whether the teacher accepts your work or not; you get a high score or are not admitted to defend the paper, etc.

As you know, each student’s paper must have a specific structure. This allows presenting the material in a logical sequence and fully disclose the topic. The specialists working at do not believe that it is necessary to create an outline before writing the paper, so often, the material does not have a logical sequence and represents unrelated passages of text.

Payment Features

The successful collaboration of online writers with students is also based on prices. On many modern platforms, prices are quite acceptable, as professionals understand that they are collaborating with students who do not have the opportunity to pay a lot of money but who really need support.

As for the online company, the prices here are unreasonable; it is inconvenient to pay for paperwork online, there are no discounts or special offers.

Price Formation

Usually, the price for completion of student assignments is formed, taking into account a number of factors, for example, such as the deadline for the order, the amount of work, the requirements for writing, the required level of uniqueness, etc. Due to this, prices for the same type of paper may vary depending on the instructions of the client. And this is a completely justified approach. Flexible pricing is best suited to students.

But apparently, the service uses a completely different pricing strategy. Edubirdie prices are almost always unreasonable. There are inflated costs for each individual paper type. It doesn’t suit customers but allows writers to make good money.

Payment Options

As for the payment options, there are very few of them. Only the transfer of payment for work from a bank card is available, which puts the personal data of clients at risk. Therefore, you should consider whether is edubirdie safe.

Discounts & Special Offers

Many modern platforms regularly provide customers with pleasant discounts and make special offers. Be sure that on the website, you will not get discounts, even if you place several orders at the same time.

Website Functionality

The main functional characteristics of the platform are described below. Study them carefully.

Website’s Design

Website design is not complicated at first glance. However, when it comes to placing an order, then difficulties arise. It is not clear where the order form is located and how, in principle, to fill it out.

Professional platforms on the home page of the site provide important information about the company’s activities, the benefits and guarantees that it is ready to provide to customers. This is not the case on And this means only one thing, that you will not receive any advantages and guarantees from cooperation.

There are several customer reviews on edubirdie scam. This confirms once again that the company is unreliable.


The site is inconvenient to use. Perhaps, a user with basic PC knowledge will not be able to find important information about cooperation there.

Ordering Process

The registration procedure on the site is very long and inconvenient. To place an order, you need to spend a lot of time, which could be used to solve other important matters.

Customer Support

On the site, you can find a button “Customer Support,” but even if you write a message to the manager, it is unlikely that he will answer you in a timely manner. You can get an answer after a few days, but most likely, it will not matter anymore.

Timely Delivery

The deadlines are not met here. The author can promise that he will complete the paper on time, but there is still no guarantee. Papers are often sent with a delay.

Extra Features

The service does not provide any additional features.

Reliability of the Services Provided

Perhaps, you have already understood that the service can hardly be called reliable. And the main problem is that there work specialists who are not ready to take responsibility for the tasks they perform. They do not accompany clients until the full delivery of the paper to the teacher. This is where the problem is. Let’s consider the issue of reputation and guarantees.


For several years in the field of providing student paper writing services, has not proven itself to be reliable. It has a bad reputation today, and few people use its services at all. A student can trust the writers and place an order on the site, but then he is at great risk because there is no guarantee that he will receive the high-quality paper, completed on time, and performed in compliance with all requirements. In general, there is no guarantee that the paper will, in principle, be completed.


Trustworthy online companies are ready to provide customers with a number of guarantees to confirm the reliability and safety of the services provided. They guarantee high-quality execution of orders, compliance with requirements, meeting deadlines, achieving the required level of uniqueness, etc. In addition, reliable platforms provide 24/7 customer support, affordable prices, the ability to get free edits or a 100% refund if conditions are not met. Services operating on a legal basis are ready to conclude an agreement with a client to confirm the quality, reliability, and safety of the assistance provided. experts do not provide any guarantees to customers. On the online service, there is no detailed information about cooperation, about is edubirdie legit, what benefits and guarantees are provided to customers. This only confirms that EduBirdie is illegal, and therefore the rights of clients are not protected.

Types of Services

While other platforms operating in this area offer students the completion of high-quality assignments of various types (essays, reports, practice reports, tests, term papers, theses, dissertations, etc.), on the website, you can order only the simplest types of papers, which is not very convenient for customers.

The list of areas in which specialists have knowledge is not wide, and it is unlikely that they will help you in writing a paper on programming, construction engineering, mechanical engineering technology, etc.

The uniqueness of completed assignments is always low. Edubirdie plagiarism is impressive. Edubirdie plagiarism checker does not work at all. Writers do not know how to correctly format quotations, arrange papers in accordance with modern international formatting styles, and therefore cannot provide truly high-quality services.


So, the conducted edubirdie review allows concluding that the service is not reliable and not trustworthy. Moreover, it cannot be called safe. It does not provide clients with any benefits or guarantees. Therefore, answering the question “Is edubirdie cheating?”, it’s safe to say yes. Therefore, it is not recommended to seek help there.

Choose the Best Essay Company

If you really want to find a good online company that will provide quality paperwork within a given time frame, then you should consider the list of top platforms presented on this site. Choose one of them and be sure that the best specialists will complete the task quickly and efficiently!

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